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Vent Cleaning

Vent Cleaning

Clean vents

When was the last time you thought about cleaning out your heating and cooling system? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is either not lately or maybe even never. If you’ve never hired a professional for air duct cleaning services (or it’s been a little while), you could potentially have poor indoor air quality and dust and debris floating around your duct system. Dirty air ducts can also be an excellent way to waste energy, leading to higher electric bills and an inefficient system.

Kiwi has been performing HVAC cleaning services for over 30 years, and our process is fine-tuned to ensure that your system will run efficiently, increase good airflow throughout your home and ensure that your ducts are clean.

Want to learn more about how to clean your air vents? Read on for more information about Kiwi’s air duct cleaning process and how it can benefit you and your whole household.

Kiwi’s Duct Cleaning Process

A dirty HVAC system requires more energy to run, and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling your home is wasted. National air duct cleaners like Kiwi Services will thoroughly disinfect your HVAC system, including the air supply vent, return vent, cooling coils, and heat exchangers, so the system will run better and prevent health problems within the home.

Your Kiwi Services HVAC professional will remove the dust and debris in your system by completing the following:

  • Cleaning out the unit, squirrel cage, fan, and all the accessible air handling components in the furnace
  • Removing and hand washing vent covers
  • Vacuuming individual ducts to remove debris
  • Applying an antimicrobial treatment throughout the system to disinfect
  • Cleaning surrounding vent areas
  • Reinstalling the vent covers
  • Cleaning or replacing the filter or installation of a new filter

After a professional cleaning from a duct cleaning company, you should start to notice that the air circulating within your home is fresher and cleaner. In addition, your energy bills should significantly drop because all the ducts and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

In addition to HVAC cleaning, Kiwi Services also offers dryer vent cleaning. You may be thinking, “cleaning my dryer vent is something I can do on my own”—just like changing out your air filters—but our dryer vent cleaning tools can reach better and get the job done faster than a tool you may have at home.

Cleaning your dryer vents is not only something to do to keep your home fresh, but it can also be a life-saving measure. Over time, a significant amount of lint can build up in your dryer vent, and if it’s unable to circulate freely, it could potentially ignite a fire.

Are you interested in hiring Kiwi Services for dryer vent or HVAC cleaning? Call us today to learn more about our services, schedule a technician to come to your home, or get a free quote!

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