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La Porte Mold Removal with help from KIWI Services

La Porte mold removal made easy!
Mold spreading unseen
No need to spend time scrubbing unsightly mold stains only to have them re-appear days later.
Stop exposing yourself (and your family) to potentially harmful mold and instead, treat the source of the problem by calling KIWI mold removal services. Our friendly staff can perform a mold inspection to verify that the problem really is mold then advise you on the best way to fix the problem including:

Mold Cleanup – stop streaks, stains and unsightly mold problems at the source by having professional mold cleanup performed. Unlike other stains, mold spores can spread throughout your entire home then re-contaminate humid areas again and again.

Mold Removal – depending on the extent of the damage, mold removal might include fixing or replacing everything from sub-floors to carpet padding. Unlike other companies that simply remove the mold, KIWI is able to clean and restore nearly ever surface in your home – all with one quick call!

Licensed in Mold Inspection & Removal
Our licensed, bonded and insured staff in La Porte are always ready and able to help no matter how large or small the need. From storm related flood damage to a leaky pipe – mold damage occurs for a variety of reasons each with its own challenge. KIWI mold removal conforms to the highest standards in the industry with the same nationwide reputation you have grown to trust with our other services.

Best of all, KIWI provides the assurance you need to know that the work is performed properly the first time around – without the hassle of having to call for separate quotes. We handle every aspect of mold cleanup, removal and ancillary services that may be required; from cleaning air ducts to handling heirloom rugs, KIWI is all you need for every mold related need.  No wonder KIWI is one of the fastest growing names in the nation – service, satisfaction and safety are our top priority when it comes to mold removal.

KIWI Services is licensed by the Texas Department Of State Health Services to perform professional mold removal. All mold services conform to state standards and are provided with the highest level of care.


Mold around light fixture

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