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Rug Pet Odor Removal service

Sometimes a thorough rug cleaning just isn’t enough to remove deep, strong rug odors, such as pet odors. Often pet urine and tobacco smoke saturates rugs in odor and rug cleaning can’t mask the scents. In such cases it is advisable to have rug odor removal performed at the time of cleaning, especially in the case of pet odor. It is hard to believe a rug is clean when it stinks of old odors.



KIWI’s Rug Odor Removal Treatment

At the KIWI Rug Cleaning Institute, we offer Ozone Treatment where rugs are confined in an odor-neutralizing chamber for long periods of time. It enables us to remove some of the toughest rug odors.

KIWI’s Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends regular cleaning of all oriental rugs and area rugs. Rug odor removal is an essential step to keeping your rugs like new when you have younger or older pets. Sometimes a stain isn’t only a stain but an odor issue too. An excerpt from their website (Copyright CRI, 2007) describes: “Taking proper care of your rug will prolong its life and appearance. Vacuum your rug regularly to remove loose soil, taking special care when vacuuming fringe and edges. Some throw rugs, especially for bathrooms, can be washed in your home laundry. Always comply with manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods to prevent warranty invalidation and damage to your rug. Have a professional deep clean your rug often. Several cleaning methods will work, but to prevent rapid resoiling, it is important to completely remove any cleaning agents”

KIWI’s Pet Odor Removal

rug pet odor removal professionals

Pet odors can be a very serious problem for your rugs. KIWI specializes in removing pet odors, so if your beloved pet has had an accident on your rugs, do not worry, KIWI is highly equipped with our Ozone Treatment to get rid of any pet odors. We offer free pick up and delivery on all of the rugs we clean, so we will come to you! KIWI can also get any pet odors out of your carpets as well, so if you need carpet cleaning, do not hesitate to give us a call.


Rug Odor Removal Service

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