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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

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An Oriental rug adds a touch of luxury to any home. Classic, grand, and delicate, these rugs are made from wool or silk, hand-knotted, and are crafted in countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, and Uzbekistan. These hand-crafted beauties are priceless heirlooms and are typically passed down from generation to generation. It’s a great responsibility to care for an Oriental rug—which is why it can be stressful to try to clean one yourself.

Here at KIWI Services, we know how important heirloom rugs like Oriental rugs are to families, which is why we provide professional Oriental rug cleaning services that will restore them to their original beauty without putting the fibers at risk. Our careful cleaning services are highly specialized and start with an evaluation process based on the dye and fabric used.

Through Oriental Rugs Cleaning Service

Our Oriental rug cleaning process is delicate yet powerful and is designed to help prevent fading or color migration. Here is what our rug cleaning process looks like:

Pre-Wash Inspection: Your rug will be thoroughly looked over and inspected for conditions like prior dye bleeding, worn areas, and tears before we being our cleaning process.

Perform Repairs: If we find any kind of damage, with your permission we will complete all needed repairs prior to the cleaning 

Vacuuming of Dust: Before the deep cleaning begins, both sides of your rug will be thoroughly swept using a special vacuum with beater bars to remove loose soil.

Begin the Cleaning Service: We hand-wash our rugs, using several techniques that are specifically tailored to the needs of the rug. This will largely depend on the type of fibers, dyes, soiling, and the construction of the rug.

Odor and Bacterial Treatment: An eco-friendly freshening agent is applied to neutralize basic odors. For those rugs that have deep bacteria problems, we recommend our Ozone Treatment, which kills those deeply set-in odor-causing bacteria.

Apply Dry and Post Detailing: Before we can deliver your freshly cleaned rug. We will dry it flat in order to prevent color migration or fabric stretching. We will also dust it again on both sides as well as wrap it and prepare it for delivery.

Have questions about our Oriental rug cleaning and repair process? Want to schedule a service? Call our company today for a free quote or for more information!

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