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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning
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I have been sending my oriental and wool rugs to Kiwi services for a number of years and have been totally satisfied with the work. The rugs smell clean and fresh and their colors appear vibrant and fresh. I highly recommend Kiwi Services. You will not be disappointed.

An Oriental rug adds a touch of luxury to any home. Classic, grand, and delicate, these rugs are made from wool or silk, hand-knotted, and are crafted in countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, and Uzbekistan. These hand-crafted beauties are priceless heirlooms and are typically passed down from generation to generation. It’s a great responsibility to care for an Oriental rug—which is why it can be stressful to try to clean one yourself.

Here at KIWI Services, we know how important heirloom rugs like Oriental rugs are to families, which is why we provide professional Oriental rug cleaning services that will restore them to their original beauty without putting the fibers at risk. Our careful cleaning services are highly specialized and start with an evaluation process based on the dye and fabric used.

Through Oriental Rugs Cleaning Service

Our Oriental rug cleaning process is delicate yet powerful and is designed to help prevent fading or color migration. Here is what our rug cleaning process looks like:

  • Pre-Wash Inspection: Your rug will be thoroughly looked over and inspected for conditions like prior dye bleeding, worn areas, and tears before we being our cleaning process.
  • Perform Repairs: If we find any kind of damage, with your permission we will complete all needed repairs prior to the cleaning
  • Vacuuming of Dust: Before the deep cleaning begins, both sides of your rug will be thoroughly swept using a special vacuum with beater bars to remove loose soil.
  • Begin the Cleaning Service: We hand-wash our rugs, using several techniques that are specifically tailored to the needs of the rug. This will largely depend on the type of fibers, dyes, soiling, and the construction of the rug.
  • Odor and Bacterial Treatment: An eco-friendly freshening agent is applied to neutralize basic odors. For those rugs that have deep bacteria problems, we recommend our Ozone Treatment, which kills those deeply set-in odor-causing bacteria.
  • Apply Dry and Post Detailing: Before we can deliver your freshly cleaned rug. We will dry it flat in order to prevent color migration or fabric stretching. We will also dust it again on both sides as well as wrap it and prepare it for delivery.

Enjoy Free Pickup and Delivery for Oriental Rug Cleaning at KIWI Services

Take the hassle out of transporting your treasured Oriental rugs. At KIWI Services, we provide a complimentary pickup and delivery service for your Oriental rug cleaning, providing maximum convenience for you. If you prefer, you can also take advantage of our drop-off service. Connect with us today and schedule your appointment. Your Oriental rug deserves the finest care; we’re here to provide it. Schedule Your Complimentary Pickup and Delivery Today!

Professional Rug Cleaning Experts for all Kinds of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs, celebrated for their beauty, craftsmanship, and rich cultural heritage, hold an unmatched allure. From the intricate designs of Persian rugs to the unique construction techniques of Tibetan rugs, each piece tells a unique story. They originate from various regions across Asia, each bringing distinctive styles, techniques, and materials that contribute to their charm, longevity, and value. Trust the expert hands at KIWI Services to provide professional cleaning and care for your precious Oriental rugs, preserving their allure for generations.

  1. Persian Rugs (Iran): Originating from various regions in Iran, Persian rugs are renowned for their intricate designs, rich color palettes, and high-quality materials. Notable types include Tabriz, Kashan, Isfahan, and Qum rugs.
  2. Turkish or Anatolian Rugs (Turkey): Turkish rugs, also known as Anatolian rugs, are recognized for their diverse styles and superior quality. The rugs are crafted in several regions across Turkey, with Hereke and Kayseri rugs being particularly well-known.
  3. Indian Rugs (India): Produced in India, these rugs typically feature intricate floral patterns and a vibrant range of colors. Indian rugs can be made from wool or silk and are prized for their high knot density.
  4. Chinese Rugs (China): Chinese rugs often stand out from other Oriental rugs due to their relatively simple design aesthetics and color usage. Traditional Chinese motifs, such as dragons, phoenixes, and floral designs, often embellish these rugs.
  5. Afghan Rugs (Afghanistan): Originating from Afghanistan, Afghan rugs are typically woven from high-quality wool and exhibit rich, dark colors. The rugs often boast geometric patterns and are known for their robustness and durability.
  6. Pakistani Rugs (Pakistan): Crafted in Pakistan, these rugs are often made from high-quality wool and can encompass a variety of designs, from geometric to intricate floral patterns. The Bokhara rug is a particularly famous type of Pakistani rug.
  7. Caucasian Rugs (Caucasus Region): Hailing from the Caucasus region, Caucasian rugs frequently feature bold geometric designs and a spectrum of vibrant colors. They are typically woven from durable wool.
  8. Tibetan Rugs (Tibet): Tibetan rugs, often constructed with a unique knotting method, usually display fewer, larger designs. These rugs are primarily woven from changpel, a type of wool obtained from highland sheep.
  9. Nepalese Rugs (Nepal): Known for their high-quality wool and silk, Nepalese rugs often showcase traditional Tibetan designs. These rugs are produced in Nepal.

Each of these Oriental rugs, hailing from different regions across Asia, brings its unique style, construction techniques, and materials, which add to their charm, longevity, and worth.

How should oriental rugs be cleaned differently than synthetic rugs

Cleaning oriental rugs requires more delicate procedures compared to synthetic rugs due to their valuable natural materials, craftsmanship, and colors. Here’s how oriental rugs should be cleaned differently than synthetic rugs:

  1. Material Consideration: Oriental rugs are often made from natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton. These materials are more delicate and can be damaged by harsh chemicals, high heat, or aggressive mechanical action, unlike synthetic rugs which are usually made from more resilient fibers like nylon or polypropylene.
  2. Handmade Craftsmanship: Many oriental rugs are hand-knotted and require gentle handling to preserve their structure. On the other hand, synthetic rugs are typically machine-made and can withstand more robust cleaning methods.
  3. Color Fastness: Oriental rugs often use natural or vegetable dyes, which can bleed or fade if not cleaned properly. Synthetic rugs use colorfast synthetic dyes, which are less prone to bleeding.
  4. Cleaning Process: Oriental rugs should ideally be cleaned by professionals who can test the rug for colorfastness, determine the most appropriate cleaning method, and carefully remove dirt and stains without damaging the rug. Synthetic rugs can usually be cleaned with standard carpet cleaning equipment and products.
  5. Drying: After cleaning, oriental rugs need to be dried flat in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to prevent shrinking, color fading, or structural damage. Synthetic rugs can typically be dried more quickly and with less caution.
  6. Maintenance: Oriental rugs benefit from regular light vacuuming using a machine without a beater bar, to avoid pulling on the fibers and damaging the rug. Synthetic rugs can withstand more aggressive vacuuming and more frequent maintenance procedures.

Cleaning oriental rugs requires a more careful and delicate approach due to their natural materials, handmade construction, and color sensitivity. Always consider professional cleaning for oriental rugs to ensure they are cared for properly.

Entrust Your Oriental Rugs to KIWI’s Expert Care

The intricate craftsmanship of Oriental rugs calls for a delicate, precise cleaning process. Due to their natural materials, handmade construction, and color sensitivity, these masterpieces require the hands of professionals. With KIWI Services, your Oriental rugs are carefully handled and cleaned to preserve their vibrant charm and quality. Don’t risk the beauty of your rugs—opt for professional care. Schedule Your Oriental Rug Cleaning with KIWI Today!

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