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Mold Inspection by Kiwi

Mold Inspection

A KIWI mold inspection might be the best investment you make this year. With one simple call to KIWI, our friendly staff will help you determine the need for mold removal to help alleviate health concerns by performing a thorough mold inspection. Here is just a sample of our full range of mold inspection services perfect for every situation:

Are You Buying or Selling a New Home?

Before buying or selling a new home avoid unpleasant surprises by inspecting for mold in advance. The cost of the test alone is a valuable piece of information that can save a fortune when buying or selling real estate.

Mold Inspection and Testing ToolLandlords, tenants, homeowners and others are sometimes not sure if a home has mold or not; don’t risk it! Instead, have a mold inspection performed by a reputable – and objective – company able to identify mold at the source of the problem.  Signs of mold may not always be obvious. Subtle signs of mold can be as mild as a musty odor often associated with an age…sometimes it really is dusty and old but other times, that musty odor is a sign of mold with spores that could have traveled throughout the home – including air vents, inside walls, basements and any other area of high humidity or moisture – just waiting to grow and spread. Find out what you are dealing with for sure by inspecting for mold and then having a mold inspection performed to determine the source and course of action if the test is positive.

Let KIWI take care of Mold Removal

In many cases, mold can be removed quickly and effectively once the source is found. Unlike “do-it-yourself” remedies, true mold removal eliminates the source of the problem and prevents the future spread of spores throughout the home. Don’t play games with your health or home – mold removal should be performed as soon as possible – find the source and then eliminate it by having mold removal performed. Call our IICRC licensed, bonded and insured staff for a free estimate.

Mold Removal


Remember, one call to KIWI really can do it all – including mold inspection for these common sources of mold related problems:

  • Tile and grout –especially in bathrooms, kitchens or pool areas.
  • Basements or other humid rooms.
  • Leaking roofs or other water saturated areas including wood flooring, sub-floors, carpet padding or even find oriental rugs.
  • Air vents and old furniture.

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