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Grout Color Sealing

Grout Color Sealing Service
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When your grout is showing signs of permanent stains, rejuvenate it with KIWI’s Grout Renew services. Tired of the existing shade? Choose from our diverse range of grout colors, and let KIWI breathe new life into it. Our premium grout stains will improve the appearance of your floor grout and shield it from potential damage.

Beyond Basic Tile Cleaning

While deep tile and grout cleaning often removes everyday dirt and grime, there are times when it just isn’t enough. If the grout loses its seal, stains can penetrate deeply, resulting in permanent discoloration. That’s where our grout renewal process comes in, offering you the pristine and beautifully restored grout lines.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate, and let’s make your grout shine like new!

Professional Grout Sealing Procedure

Grout sealing, often referred to as Grout Color Sealing, is essential after grout installation or thorough Grout Cleaning for its longevity and resistance against stains and moisture.

  1. Grout Cleaning : Before any Grout Color Renewal or sealing, the grout lines must be immaculately clean. Kiwi Professionals use specialized techniques not just for Tile and Grout Transformation but also for removing dirt, soap scum, and mildew and deep Grout Restoration.
  2. Thoroughly Drying the Grout : A crucial step before moving to Tile Grout Coloring or sealing. This might mean waiting at least 24 to 48 hours after the initial cleaning.
  3. Inspection and Minor Repairs : Before Grout Re-coloring or sealing, we inspect the grout for any imperfections or damages, part of our preparation for a perfect base for our Grout Sealing Solutions.
  4. Selection of the Appropriate Sealer : Depending on the grout type, a suitable Grout Sealant is chosen. Sealant types vary, and choosing the right one is vital for the longevity of the Grout Protection.
  5. Application of the Grout Sealer : Our Grout Sealant Professionals carefully apply the grout sealer, an important step for Tile Floor Rejuvenation.
  6. Wiping Away Excess Sealer : After application, any excess sealer that might have gotten on the tiles is promptly wiped off to prevent it from settling and leaving a residue or haze.
  7. Drying and Curing : For the best Grout Longevity, the sealed grout needs adequate time to dry and cure, ensuring durability and a refreshed appearance.
  8. Final Inspection : Our final step in the Grout Sealing Services ensures an even application, giving your tiles a complete makeover and upholding our reputation for professional Grout Sealing.

KIWI’s Expert Grout Color Renewal Process

Experience the KIWI difference with our expert grout color renewal process, where we seamlessly blend aesthetics with durability, promising both beauty and longevity for your tiles and gout lines utilizing thorough, detailed methods:

  1. Deep Grout Purification : Our specialists start with an intensive cleaning of the grout lines, eliminating all traces of dirt, grime, and mold. A pristine surface is key, paving the way for the colorant or stain to adhere seamlessly.
  2. Detailed Grout Evaluation and Restoration : Every inch of your grout undergoes a thorough inspection to detect any flaws, be it cracks or chipping. Our technicians will fix all defectsfixed, setting the stage for a flawless colorant application.
  3. Selecting the Perfect Colorant : We present a range of premium grout colorants and stains for selection. These are crafted not just to revamp the hue but also to fortify the grout’s protection. Whether you’re craving a bold transformation or a subtle return to the original tone, KIWI has you covered.
  4. Precision in Colorant Application : Our experts employ specialized tools to meticulously apply the chosen colorant onto the grout lines. They will exercise meticulous care and precision to prevent any residue on adjacent tiles.
  5. Spotless Finishing Touch : Post-application, any inadvertent stains on the tiles are promptly cleaned.
  6. Drying and Curing : The rejuvenated grout is given ample time to dry, ranging from several hours to a full day, depending on the product’s specifications. It’s essential during this phase to keep the area free from foot traffic.
  7. Enhanced Sealing Protection : Should the applied colorant lack inherent sealing attributes, KIWI will apply a dedicated sealant post-drying. This added layer improves the grout’s defense against external factors like moisture and staining.
  8. Rigorous Final Overview and Cleanup : Upon completion, our team conducts a thorough evaluation to confirm the color uniformity and address any unforeseen issues. Our commitment doesn’t end there; we will return the entire area to its original state, only more vibrant.
  9. Expert Maintenance Guidance : Trust KIWI to guide you even after the task is accomplished. Our technicians will provide you with invaluable insights to keep your grout looking its best for years.

No obligation-free estimates and a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

With over 39 years of trusted expertise, KIWI® confidently offers no-obligation free estimates. Step into a commitment-free journey and feel assured with our robust 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Your ideal grout transformation is just a call away. Call us at 888-478-6640 and experience the KIWI difference today!

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