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Over time, the original upholstery protectant that comes applied from the mill diminishes in effectiveness. Daily wear and incidental abrasions can degrade the furniture’s appearance and protective layer. Engaging KIWI Services for a professional sealant application ensures that your upholstery retains its pristine look and stays safeguarded against potential stains. If you’re thinking about a deep upholstery cleaning, it’s an opportune moment to add our renowned UltraSeal protectant.

Once KIWI’s furniture sealant has been applied, most accidental spills and stains can be easily wiped away with just water. Even those notorious permanent stains, including some dyes, are no longer a persistent headache. Applying the furniture sealant on upholstery that’s clean and clear of recent spills or grime is best for optimal effectiveness. Consider coordinating our sealant service with a comprehensive upholstery cleaning to guarantee the best results.

Kiwi Services’ Furniture and Upholstery Protection

Elevating the standard of furniture care, Kiwi Services is a fabric protection product that ensures your furnishings remain like new.

  • EPA and DfE Approved : Upholding strict standards, our protector is both safe and effective.
  • Pet Safe : Designed with your entire family in mind, including the furry members.
  • Teflon FREE : Our commitment to your health means avoiding potentially harmful substances.
  • Film Forming Encapsulant : Advanced technology that combats re-soiling, ensuring your upholstery stays cleaner for longer.
  • Water-Based Solution : An eco-friendly and economical choice that’s free from solvents.

Key Benefits of Investing in Furniture Upholstery Protection

At Kiwi Services, we understand that your furniture is an investment. Our Fabric Protector is an EPA-approved film-forming encapsulating, water-based protectant designed to shield your furniture fabric and help it remain durable for years.

  • Prolonged Furniture Lifespan : Help extend the furniture’s life by protecting it from environmental and physical damage.
  • Protection from Stains : Sealants create a barrier that prevents liquids and stains from being absorbed into the furniture.
  • Moisture Resistance : Protection against moisture, reducing the risk of water damage, mold, and mildew.
  • UV Protection : Some of our specialty protectants shield furniture from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and deterioration of materials, especially when placed near windows or in outdoor settings.
  • Enhanced Appearance : Protectants often give the furniture a refreshed and polished look, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Prevention of Wear and Tear : Regular application helps reduce the natural wear and tear that furniture undergoes, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Cost-Efficiency : By prolonging the life of the furniture and reducing the need for repairs or replacements, sealants and protectants can be cost-effective in the long run.
  • Safety from Environmental Pollutants : They provide a protective barrier against airborne pollutants or contaminants that might harm the furniture’s material.
  • Easy Maintenance : Furniture treated with sealant and protectant is often easier to clean and maintain.
  • Versatility : Suitable for a wide range of furniture materials, including wood, leather, fabric, and more.
  • Prevention of Scratches : Some sealants offer a protective layer that can reduce the visibility of minor scratches or prevent them altogether.
  • Enhancement of Material Properties : Protectants can rejuvenate and restore the natural qualities of materials like leather, making them feel soft and supple.
  • Protection against Oxidation : Certain protectants prevent metals from rusting and oxidizing.
  • Reduced Fading : Protectants can help retain the furniture’s color, preventing it from fading due to exposure to light or usage.

Incorporating furniture sealants and protectants into regular maintenance routines ensures that the furniture looks its best and lasts longer, providing great value for money.

Safeguarding Essential Furniture Pieces

In every home or office, there are cornerstone furniture pieces that elevate the space aesthetically and serve pivotal functional roles. Ensuring these items’ longevity and pristine condition is paramount, which is why protection for these frequently used assets is a wise investment.

  • Sofas and Couches : These are typically the most used furniture in any living space, subjected to daily wear and tear from sitting, napping, or even the occasional food spill. Protecting them ensures they remain inviting and comfortable.
  • Loveseats : Often accompanying larger sofas, loveseats face similar wear patterns, especially in cozy nooks or compact spaces where they’re the primary seating.
  • Armchairs and Recliners : Favorites for relaxation, their frequent use means they’re exposed to body oils, potential spills, and general wear, necessitating protection.
  • Dining Chairs : Beyond the risk of food and drink spills, dining chairs experience constant movement, making them vulnerable to scuffs and fabric wear.
  • Ottomans : Whether used as a footrest, seating, or even an impromptu table, ottomans often bear the brunt of heavy usage, making protection vital.
  • Chaise Lounges : Ideal for relaxation, these lounges are often positioned in sunlit areas, making them prone to UV damage and regular wear.
  • Sectionals : Their modular nature means some sections get more use than others. Protection helps ensure even wear and longevity across all parts.
  • Coffee Tables (especially those with upholstered or leather portions) : Not just for beverages, these tables see everything from remote controls to feet, and protective measures help maintain their aesthetic and functional value.
  • Headboards (upholstered ones) : Constant contact with oils from our hair and the friction from pillows can lead to premature wear, highlighting the need for protection.
  • Bar Stools : Positioned in kitchens or bars, these stools face spills and frequent usage, especially in homes that entertain often.
  • Footstools : Like ottomans, footstools experience consistent pressure and potential stains, especially when used in busy living areas.
  • Daybeds : A fusion of sofa and bed, daybeds are dual-purpose furniture pieces, seeing varied use and requiring protection against both daily wear and nighttime usage.
  • Office Chairs : Given their near-daily use, they’re exposed to wear from constant movement, potential spills during work meals, and the regular pressure of office life. Protection ensures they remain supportive and appealing.

Comprehensive Fabric Protection for All Upholsteries

Whether it’s delicate silk or cotton, every fabric tells a story and serves a purpose. At Kiwi, we’re committed to delivering sealing treatments tailored for every type of upholstery, ensuring each fabric, no matter its composition, receives optimal protection. For optimal results and enhanced longevity, it’s highly recommended to clean the upholstery fabric before proceeding with the sealant application.

  • Silk : A delicate and luxurious fabric that is prone to staining and damage from liquids.
  • Wool : Naturally absorbent, it can retain spills leading to potential staining and odor issues.
  • Linen : Susceptible to wrinkling and staining, and often blended with other fibers.
  • Cotton : While durable, it’s absorbent and can retain spills if not treated.
  • Velvet : Its plush texture can trap dirt and moisture, making protection essential.
  • Chenille : The raised tufted piles can absorb spills easily.
  • Microfiber : While it’s known for its stain resistance, a sealer can enhance this trait further.
  • Sunbrella and other outdoor fabrics : Protection can enhance their resistance to weather elements and spills.
  • Rayon : Being semi-synthetic, it’s not as resilient as other fabrics and can benefit from sealing.
  • Tweed : The textured fabric can trap dirt and benefit from a sealer to prevent staining.

Sealer treatments for these fabrics not only prevent stains and moisture damage but also help in retaining the fabric’s original texture and appearance.

Upholstery Commercial Care: Kiwi’s Cleaning and Protection Services

In the dynamic realm of commercial spaces, appearances matter profoundly. Kiwi provides unique commercial furniture cleaning and sealing solutions tailored for businesses, ensuring your establishment radiates professionalism and elegance. Trust in Kiwi’s 39 years of expertise to maintain and elevate your commercial setting to an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Call KIWI to Protect and Clean your furniture:

Transform and protect your prized furniture pieces with Kiwi’s unparalleled clean and seal solution. Call us for a risk-free experience backed by our robust 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

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