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Emergency Flood Cleanup

Maybe water overflowed from a faucet; perhaps you were the victim of a flood. Bathtub and toilet overflow, broken pipes and several other water-related issues can wreak havoc in your home. Water damage can destroy your carpet, your furnishings and your treasured heirloom rugs, and the last thing you want to think about is the in-depth cleanup you’re going to have on your hands.

Fortunately, KIWI Restoration Services is ready to help.  And we will immediately dispatch a highly qualified crew to restore your home and bring normality back. They will employee the latest cutting-edge flood drying restoration techniques and utilize the newest equipment:

  1. Water pumps
  2. Dehumidifiers
  3. Moister detectors
  4. High speed Air movers
  5. Drying mats

KIWI’s Flood Cleanup Services

With 38 years of flood restoration experience, KIWI Services can come to your rescue. We’ll extract the water from your home, dry your furnishings, carpet and walls, and sanitize the entire area. We’ll deodorize, treat for mold and mildew and handle all of the other aspects of flood cleanup while working with your insurance company so you don’t have to worry.

Our licensed, bonded and insured flood cleanup experts are always standing by to help. We’ll even guarantee our work for one full year, and you can call us any time, day or night at:

Atlanta Water Damage 470-375-9789
Austin Water Damage 512-381-3418
Dallas Water Damage 972-354-0301
Fort Worth Water Damage 817-585-5977
Houston Water Damage 713-595-0431
Phoenix Water Damage 602-419-3601
Denver Water Damage 720-943-2911

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All Our Water Damage Restoration Work Is Guaranteed For 1 Year

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