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Cowhide Rug Cleaning Services

Cowhide Rug Cleaning Services
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A cowhide rug is a classic accessory that adds a touch of rustic, southwestern flair to any room. But just like any other type of rug, cowhide rugs need routine maintenance after months and years of dirt, debris, and food spills. And although cowhide rugs are fairly durable and resistant to staining, a professional rug cleaning service can help keep your cowhide rug for years to come.

Cleaning a Cowhide Rug

Our professional cowhide rug cleaning service always includes the use of our pH balanced citrus cleaner, which helps prevent fading as well as color migration—two things that you never want to see in a rug.

Our rug cleaning process is very involved and intricate, but will get you those long-lasting results that you need. Here is what a rug cleaning service looks like at Kiwi:

1. A Pre-Wash Inspection

Before we begin the heavy-duty cleaning, your rug will be inspected for dye bleeding, worn areas, tears, and other things that would be of concern. If we feel that special attention is needed before we continue, we will give you a call.

2. Dust Removal

Over time, our rugs can become filled with pounds of dust that make them appear dingy and dirty. To remove the dust, both side of your rug will be swept with a special vacuum with beater bars that removes loose soil.

3. Wash and Treat

Now that your rug has been dusted, we will then hand-wash it, using a specific technique that will adhere to the types of fibers, dyes, amount of soiling and construction of your rug. This ensures that your rug will be safe throughout the cleaning process.

4. Odor Neutralization

We then use a freshening agent that contains no harsh chemicals to neutralize any odors that have built up over the years, which leave it smelling clean and brand new.

5. Dry

To avoid color migration and stretching, we dry our rugs flat before we wrap them and prepare them for delivery.

Are you interested in scheduling a cowhide rug cleaning service from Kiwi? Call our toll-free number today to request a free quote!

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