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Commercial Hardwood Floors Waxing And Polishing

Commercial Hardwood Floor Waxing
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Do you own a wooden floor and wish that it could remain in good shape for years to come? Well, then you will need to invest in a company that carries out hardwood floor waxing and polishing services. In all honesty, installing a hardwood floor doesn’t come cheap. So, you need to trust a firm that has a passion for ensuring nothing but the best for your floor. Look no further than KIWI cleaning services, which is a re-known brand when it comes to wood floor services.

The company was founded years ago by Angela, a woman out on a mission to bring people quality and affordable floor cleaning services. The firm has a team of trained technicians who have handled thousands of commercial facilities. So you can be sure that your hardwood floor will be cleaned, waxed, and polished by some of the best professionals.

What Does the KIWI Cleaning and waxing Process Involve?

Well, once you choose KIWI to carry out your commercial hardwood floor waxing and polishing, you can expect the following:

A thorough assessment of your floor needs: A trained team of experts will take the time to identify the type of finish used on your floor and even the sealant present.

Thorough cleaning: Once the assessment is complete, intense cleaning will be done to eliminate all dirt present.

Waxing and polishing: When the floor is sparkling clean, the next step is to gently buff to remove any stains. Waxing and polishing are then done to make your wooden floor shine in all its glory.

Why Choose KIWI Wood Floor Services?

There are many reasons why KIWI has continued to win the hearts of wooden floor lovers around the United States. The key reason among them is the fact that the firm uses eco-friendly methods that are safe for the environment. ‘Green cleaning’ is a vital principle for KIWI.

The company is also IICRC Certified, which places it in a unique position to bring you nothing but the best wooden floor services. KIWI has created and cultivated a tradition of trust among its customers and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hardwood floor waxing and polishing services.

Who can seek KIWI’s cleaning services?

If your commercial entity has a hardwood floor, you can be sure the company will give your floor an elegant finish. Such floors are eye-catching and bring a lot of elegance to any commercial space. Our clients include schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office complexes, military bases, and government facilities.

One common factor with all these places is the fact that there’s a high number of human traffic which puts a strain on the hardwood floors. Such floors need constant cleaning and waxing. It can be costly to do so when you engage people without experience. However, Kiwi’s services will not disappoint you and will accomplish exemplary results at an affordable price and in a reasonable amount of time.

Bring new life to your establishment by having your hardwood floors cleaned by KIWI. Get in touch with KIWI for hassle-free and professional commercial hardwood floor waxing and polishing services.

KIWI’s commercial hardwood floors cleaning reviews

Marilyn B.

5 star rating
“Very pleased with the service.”

Call Us Today for Expert Hardwood Floor Waxing and Polishing!

Ensure your commercial hardwood floors remain beautiful and durable with KIWI’s professional waxing and polishing services. With over 39 years of experience and a commitment to eco-friendly methods, our IICRC-certified team will give your floors an elegant finish that lasts. Contact us today at 888-831-8368 or request a free quote to revitalize your hardwood floors. Trust KIWI Services to deliver exceptional results for schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office complexes, military bases, and government facilities. Experience the KIWI difference and bring new life to your establishment!

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