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Chinese Rug Cleaning Services

Chinese Rug Cleaning Services

Chinese Rug Cleaning Services
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No matter what type of Oriental rug you own—Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, or Turkish—they are a beautiful addition to any room. With colored patterns that range in a variety of weaves and unique details, oriental rugs are a treasure to have in your home. The only downside to owning one of these gorgeous rugs is when it comes time to clean them, especially if they are a family heirloom.

Hiring a professional to clean your oriental rug will not only get you a rug that looks brand new again, but it will also give you peace of mind that your rug is being well cared for and in the hands of an expert.

Clean Area Rugs by Kiwi Services

We know that it’s hard to entrust someone with your Chinese rug, but rest assured that Kiwi Services has over 38 years of experience in cleaning and restoring rugs to their most beautiful. We have expert rug technicians on staff who closely evaluate each and every rug that we handle, coming up with an individualized plan for every single one.

When you have a professional rug cleaning at Kiwi Services, your rug will first be evaluated for signs of damage (such as pet urine, holes, broken fringe) and then be professionally cleaned using tools like a revolving brush and our green rug cleaning solution. We don’t use a steam cleaning treatment or hot water when washing the carpets as it can cause irreparable damage to these delicate heirlooms, instead opting for a gentle yet effective hand washing method. 

Finally, we lay all of the rugs out flat to dry before we deliver them personally back to you, safe and sound. If your rug is in need of repairs, our specialists will call to get consultation with you on how to proceed and inform you on what needs to be done—whether that’s fringe surging or stain removal.

Are you interested in hiring Kiwi Services to be your professional rug cleaners? Call us today for a free quote or to learn more about what our expert technicians can do for your rug.

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