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Carpet Stretching Cost And Pricing

Carpet Stretching Cost and Pricing
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Over the years, our carpets can start to look a little worse for wear. Although most of the time you just need a thorough carpet cleaning to get them looking factory fresh, occasionally they need specialized kinds of services like carpet re-stretching.

Carpets need to be stretched periodically because there are wrinkles or bulges that have popped up, which can not only be unsightly but also be a tripping hazard. Even if you’re especially adept at home improvement projects, to repair carpeting it involves several heavy-duty pieces of equipment that may be expensive to borrow or buy.

When you have a bulging or rippling section of carpet, there’s no need to replace your carpet—you need a professional carpet repair team like Kiwi Services to help you get your floors back to being safe and beautiful!

Cost to Repair Carpet

According to Home Advisor, carpet repair costs can range anywhere from $129 to $268 of a room of 150 to 200 square feet. But repair pricing can depend on what level of damage there is and how many square feet there is to fix. 

When you schedule a carpet repair service through Kiwi Services, you can expect that our professional technicians will use tools like a power stretcher or knee kicker to thoroughly stretch the carpet and make it look new again.

Before your technician begins, they will move furniture and check every square foot of your carpeting to check that the tack strips are properly installed and ensure that the pad was correctly placed and installed. They will also check for loose carpet seams and for carpet stains that need to be treated. If needed, they can provide seam repairs and carpet patching while they are performing carpet stretching.

Once they determine a plan for the room, they will use their professional tools to stretch the carpet and then carefully trim it to fit. This effort takes calculated measurements and careful cutting, so that they can take care to save you from carpet installation. Once they’re finished stretching, they will then secure the carpeting and ensure that it is safe to walk on once again.

Does your carpet need re-stretching? Call on the professionals at Kiwi Services to get your carpet back in working order once again! Give us a call for a free service quote or to schedule a carpet repair service in your home.

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