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Stain Remover for Carpet

Stain remover for carpet

Is there anything worse than carpet stains on your fresh lovely carpet? Whether your daughter spilled nail polish on the floor, your beloved Fido has left pet stains everywhere, or you accidentally knocked over a glass of red wine in the living room, you are going to need a solution—and quickly.

There are a variety of home remedy cleaning solutions you can try to take up the stain in the immediate aftermath, such as blotting up all of the excess liquid with a paper towel, alternating between warm water and cold water, and trying a combination of white vinegar and baking soda, but ultimately, you’re going to need the assistance of a professional carpet cleaning company who has expertise in all different types of stains and who can perform stain removal on multiple types of carpet.

Kiwi Services has been cleaning carpets for over 38 years, and we use our secret weapon—our professional grade carpet cleaner called Super Spotter—to eliminate even the toughest stains and odors.

Green Carpet Cleaners 

Here at Kiwi Services, we believe in getting your home fresh and clean—minus all of the harsh chemicals that many steam cleaning companies often use. Instead, we rely on a dry carpet cleaning method that produces no wastewater and that doesn’t leave behind moisture or mildew on your carpets.

Another thing that sets us apart is our use of a green carpet cleaning pre-spot treatment solution called Super Spotter, which is tough on everything from grease stains to juice spills. In addition to using it in our professional carpet cleanings, we also sell our Super Spotter in a 32 oz spray bottle, which can help you tackle stains on the carpet fibers in large areas or small in your home.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning service consists of the following six steps:

1. Walkthrough: Your technician will walk through the areas that need to be cleaned and note any damage that will need to be addressed.

2. Move Furniture: Light furniture will be removed so we can begin the cleaning process.

3. Vacuum: We will vacuum open areas to remove as much loose soiling as possible.

4. Pre-spot: Using our Kiwi Super Spotter, we will pre-treat all surface stains to ensure the best chance of removing stains and high traffic soiling.

5. Carpet Cleaning:  Your Kiwi technician will apply a light carpet cleaning solution and then use a cotton bonnet to extract soil from the fibers.

6. Grooming: Your carpet will look fluffy fresh after a grooming with a professional carpet rake.

Interested in hiring Kiwi for a carpet cleaning? Call us today for a free service quote!

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