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“When The Tree Goes Up, I Call KIWI To Clean My Carpets, When The Tree Cames Down I Call Again”

Why Prancer, Dancer and Vixen are Green With Carpet Cleaning Envy

This holiday season it’s easy to understand why Prancer, Dancer and Vixen are green with envy; not to mention that other famous reindeer with the bright red nose. KIWI has their very own new and improved version to carry the professional carpet cleaning team to homes across the country this holiday:

KIWI the green clean reindeer,
doesn’t have a shiny nose.
So if you ever saw him,
there’s no need to worry about some odd glow.
All of the other reindeer make a mess and play lame games.
They never let poor KIWI join in any muddy games.
Then one grimy Christmas Eve Santa came to say:
“KIWI with your guarantee so bright,
won’t you clean my house tonight?”
Then all the neighbors loved him as they shouted out with glee,
KIWI thanks to a huge discount and $4 per room return visits even with some weird green reindeer,
you’ll go down in history!

Dallas, TX: 972-354-0033
Houston, TX: 713-595-0417
Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3579
Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9786
Austin, TX: 512-381-3408
Fort Worth, TX: 817-585-5957
Denver, CO: 720-943-2877

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