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Area Rug Cleaning

Get Rid of Carpet Odor—the KIWI Way.

While area rugs are largely decorative, they also absorb all of the foot traffic that goes through the house. When your rug is looking like it’s seen better days, it may be time to start thinking about scheduling an area rug cleaning service.

KIWI Area Rug Cleaning and Care Specialists

KIWI Services has over 38 years of professional experience in the rug cleaning business. We take so much pride and care in our work. We clean all rugs by hand because we like to ensure that the beauty of these woven works of art won’t be damaged by the cleaning process. Not many companies in the industry have as high of credential.

A Delicate and Thorough Area Rug Cleaning Process

Here’s how the area rug cleaning process at KIWI Services works:

1. All Area Rugs are Pre-Inspected Prior to Cleaning

Before we even get to work, we want to ensure that your rug doesn’t have any issues like color bleach, torn fringes, or missing textile. If the inspection shows that the rug requires repairs, we will call you to receive further instruction.

2. Dust is Removed from the Area Rug

Before we clean your rug, we vacuum both sides of the rug using a special rug vacuuming machine to get rid of all the loose dust and rinse the soil prior to cleaning.

3. Your Rug is Methodically Cleaned

Your area rug will be thoroughly hand cleaned and recleaned over and over again till it passes a or through quality inspection. Our cleaning technique is also completely dependent on the specific needs of the rug. In other words, we have a different method of cleaning for different types of area rug.

4. Your Area Rug is Dried

Before we deliver your rug, we will make sure it’s thoroughly dried with high speed air movers and dehumidifiers and wrap in plastic for delivery

Other area rug services offered by KIWI

1) Restoration of water damaged of flood damaged area rugs.
2) Area rug appraisal service
3) Cut to size custom slip pads
4) Mouth proofing
5) Area rug repairs
6) Rug fabric sealant

Are you interested in area rug cleaning services? Get your rug back to factory new by calling KIWI Services today for a quote!

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