Quick Cleaning Tips

Hey all! Here is where you can find all of the quick cleaning tips I’ve gathered from life and the wonderful internet. Please feel free to comment here on your favorite cleaning tips and hacks. I’ll be add more as I come across awesome tips.

Quick Cleaning Tips

First off my favorite cleaning tip of all time: Microfiber. Yup, this cleaning cloth picks up lots of gunk from any surface and leaves hard surfaces shining and streak free. I love them, therefore you should try them out. I dare you.

Living Room Quick Cleaning Tips

Use extra virgin olive oil to buff away surface scratches on your leather furniture.

Take that tangy zip of miracle whip and use it to get rid of water rings on wood furniture.

Use newspapers to clean windows for a streak free shine.

Use a door mat to stop dirt tracking into your house and enforce a no shoes rule.

Use a pillowcase to remove dust from ceiling fans. Open the pillow case over the blade and slide off.

Use a lint roller to remove dust from lamp shades.

Remove carpet stains with cool soapy water.

Keep high traffic carpet paths at bay, vacuum these areas at least twice a week.

Get tree sap out of your carpet by blotting with rubbing alcohol, or freeze with an ice cube to harden and scrap off.

Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet; let it sit for 20 minutes then vacuum to get rid of funky smells.

Place ice over gum on carpet to harden it then it will be easier to scrape up.

Vacuum Oriental rugs with the beater bar on the highest setting or turned off as the beater bar can damage the rug.

Clean leather with coconut oil.

Easily remove nail polish or paint from your hardwood floors using rubbing alcohol. Test in an inconspicuous spot then apply and gently rub.

Laundry Quick Tips

Out of laundry sheets? Use a ball of tin foil to prevent static and soften clothes.

Use vinegar in place of fabric softener as a cheaper solution and truly cleaner clothes. I solemnly swear I am up to good and it does not make your clothes smell like pickles.

Get blood stains out of clothes with cold water and a little bit of hand soap.

The best all natural bleaching agent? The sun; I’ve also heard it helps sneezes come out. 🙂

Use rubbing alcohol to get ink stains out of clothing. Use a q-tip and rub from the middle to the edges so the ink doesn’t spread.

Add a couple tennis balls to the dryer when drying pillows or other fluffy items to keep the filling from clumping.

Use two parts hydrogen peroxide one part blue Dawn/Castile soap as a grease stain fighter.

Wool balls in place of dryer sheets and to make your clothes dry faster.

Borax, Washing Soda and Fels Naphtha makes a great DIY laundry detergent.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Use cooking oil to make your stainless steel shine.

Sanitize kitchen sponges in the microwave. Wet then pop it in for 2 minutes. You can also leave it soaking in vinegar overnight.

Equal parts olive oil and vinegar make a great wood cutting board polish.

Sprinkle a little baking soda in the kitchen trash bag to keep odors at bay.

Use aluminum foil as a scrubby for your glass dishes.

Freshen up a garbage disposal by putting a few citrus peels down the drain and turning it on.

Occasionally put ice cubes in you garbage disposal and turn it on. This helps keeps the blades sharp.

Clean the refrigerator coils every few months.

Clean the wheel of your can opener using  vinegar and a tooth brush.

Ketchup works well to shine up your copper cookware.

Clean your coffee maker by running a cycle of vinegar through to descale everything followed by a few cycles of water.

Mix baking soda and dish soap for an awesome soft scrub.

Remove tarnish from silver with a paste of baking soda and water.

Grind up some rice in your coffee grinder to clean it out.

Dryer sheets will help melt stubborn grease off of oven racks.

Make Goo Gone with oil and baking soda in about a 2-1 ratio.

Place rugs in the kitchen to pick up oils off your feet and stop them from transferring to carpet.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1/2 Lemon and salt easily removes hard water stains.

Equal parts Blue Dawn and Vinegar make a powerful tub cleaner.

Have tarter build up on your retainers? Soak them in vinegar for an hour then brush with toothpaste.

Soak shower heads in vinegar to remove build up.

Put a small piece of a Magic Eraser in the toilet overnight to get rid of stubborn rings.

Fake clean a bathroom by simply wiping down the counter, sink, toilet, mirror and closing the shower curtain.

Place the toilet scrubber between the bowl and seat to dry out.

Mix a few tablespoons of borax in a bucket hot water and mop those floors to easily remove hair spray residue.

Magic Erasers Cleaning Tips

(yes, they get their own section because that’s how awesome they are.)

Remove hair dye from counter tops & floors.

Remove black scuff marks on baseboards from the vacuum.

Get rid of coffee stains in your favorite mug.

Remove ink from almost any surface.

Clean and shine hub caps.

Remove dirt easily from textured surfaces and tiny crevices.

Banish grease from pots and pans.

Remove rust stains from the tub.

Erase fingerprints from white appliance handles.

Miscellaneous Quick Cleaning Tips

Get rid of hazy headlights with baking soda or white toothpaste. Simply buff with a cloth and rise with water. Add a little baking soda for extra oomph.

Get rid of paper clutter and sign up for electronic statements for banking and bills.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker from white boards.

Use nail polish remover to clean a burnt iron.

Tape a paper tub to the end of your vacuum hose attachment for a flexible nozzle.

Rub a bounce dryer sheet on baseboards every month or so to help deflect dirt, dust, and hair.

Secure a cleaning cloth on the end of your broom with a rubber band to dust in high places.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean glasses lenses.

Remove white build from wire retainers by soaking them in vinegar for 30 minutes.

Heat up stuck on stickers with a hair dryer for easy removal.

Use fuzzy socks for reusable Swiffer Sweeper refills.

Happy Cleaning!