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All Natural Wood Polish

I was reading about “ugly grandpa furniture” over at Domestic Bliss Squared and how she fixed the scratches on her furniture with 2 things from her kitchen. Sweet, I like simple fixes. This all natural wood polish is made from vinegar and olive oil. Since I have both and a poor little wood cutting board that is neglected, I though I’d give this wood polish a try.

Natural Wood Polish
Without seeing the after, this wood cutting board doesn’t look too bad; just a little dry.

Step One: In a small bowl or cup pour equal parts olive oil and vinegar.
I used extra virgin olive oil; that’s what I had on hand because of my addiction to dipping bread in oil and balsamic vinegar. No shame.


Step Two: Swirl, mix, splash together the oil and vinegar so the cleaning cloth can try and pick up equal parts.
Or if you’re like me, do all three, realize they don’t want to mix together without a whisk and call it good.

Step Three: With a cloth, rub the mixture onto the wood following the grain. Allow the oil to soak into the wood then, if  desired, use a different cloth to remove any excess oil.


I think that the wood cutting board looks better than when we first bought it. I’m amazed at how well the oil improves the richness of the wood. Now if you’re planning to use this polish on finished wood, I would be careful with using vinegar as it can strip some finishes off. Next concern, will the oil go rancid? Since I used this on a cutting board, I’m not worried about the oil going rancid because it’ll be washed periodically. For furniture, the vinegar has antibacterial properties and will help prevent the oil from going rancid. If you’re super concerned, you can buy mineral oil and use that for polishing wood as it does not go bad.


One more thing. When mixing up this natural wood polish only mix up as much as you are going to use. I mixed up a  tablespoon of each because my cutting board is so small. I loved this simple solution to make my cutting board look new again.

Happy Cleaning!


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What are some of your favorite simple solutions?

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