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The Real DIY to Clean a Burnt Iron

Cleaning a burned iron

Sometimes I burn things. Like dinner, clothes and most recently a while ago my iron. I iron most everything on super hot since I own a lot of cotton. Well, I was ironing some of Husband’s things and forgot to check what it was made out of and slightly burned one of his “donotirononsuperhot” dress pants. Luckily it was on the inside of the pant but my iron, well you can see from the picture,  became really sad looking.

I’ve been scouring the internet for weeks trying to find an at home solution and I came across a few but they didn’t work. Quite a few sites recommend salt on paper, or tin foil (I tried both), but the salt didn’t even make a dent on the burn marks. All it did was leave little salt rings in the steam holes. Awesome. Another site said to place the hot iron on a cold rag and the burn will peel off. Yeah, no dice either, just lots of sizzling steam. I felt like I was down to two options, buy a special cleaner or buy steel wool and risk scratching the plate. So I chose neither, researched a little more and stumbled onto the advice to use this beauty product and q-tips.

How to Clean a Burnt Non-stick Iron

Yup, nail polish remover. Actually, the advice said to use acetone but mine obviously is not. However, it worked really well as you can see by the q-tips and cotton circles. Anyhoo, I had just finished ironing Husband’s work shirts when I was too impatient to try out this piece of advice. I took a  q-tip, dipped it in the nail polish remover and began to rub the burn spot while the iron was still very hot. *I do not recommend you do this while the iron is very hot.*

burned non-stick iron
As I rubbed the burn mark kind of just peeled off onto the q-tip.

I couldn’t believe how easy the burn mark came off, so I continued. Here is how I recommend you clean your iron with nail polish remover, but first a word of caution. *Warning* the iron will be warm and may cause burns. Do not directly touch the warm iron with your skin. Oh and inhaling the fumes may cause lightheadedness because fumes stink. I was fine.

Step One: Don’t burn yourself. Turn your iron on low as the burn mark will come off easier when the iron is warm.

Step Two: Dip a paper q-tip into the nail polish remover and with moderate pressure rub on the burn mark. Use a new paper q-tip once the head turns black and repeat until iron is clean.

Step Three: Once clean, wet a cloth and iron the wet cloth to “rinse off” the nail polish remover.

Ready for my results?

Cleaning a burnt iron
Improvement! This took 20-30 minutes to remove all of that black.

I know my results are not perfect but my iron is significantly improved; it may or may not have been 10:00 pm when I started this project and tiredness got the best of me. I’m very happy with this outcome. I think I could get the rest off if I cleaned it again.

Happy Cleaning!

What DIY methods have worked for you?


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