How to Remove Hairspray {From Almost Everything!}


So, I wear glasses frequently; to see stuff and read. I also often wear them while it do my hair in the morning, thus resulting in lots of little hair spray dots on the lenses. For me, this is incredibly annoying as I can see every single dot as it clouds my vision. Typically, I clean my glasses with mild soap and water then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. However, hairspray is stubborn and the soap could not remove it. I remembered this post from Adventures of a DIY Mom and thought I’d give it a try to remove the hairspray on my glasses.

Step One: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Borax with 3-4 cups of hot water.

Step Two: Apply borax mixture to hairspray residue and gently wipe away.

Super easy. I mixed a chunk of borax in my sink, (sorry for no pictures I was in an annoyed cleaning coma) with some hot water then dipped my glasses in and wiped them down with my fingers. The hairspray residue just dissolved. I rinsed my glasses with hot water then wiped them down with my trusty microfiber. I put my glasses on and thought “Do people actually see this clear every day?” Let me put this into perspective; hairspray covered glasses is like watching non HD TV, maybe even black and white if they’re really dirty. Seeing through clean glasses is like watching a movie in IMAX 3D; high definition overload. I just stared at things for a little while to enjoy my new high definition life.


Back to removing hairspray residue, this solution will work well on countertops, floors, fixtures, mirrors, pretty much the usual places where hairspray likes to hang out. Make sure you rinse the area after applying the borax solution as it is dangerous to ingest large amounts of borax. Please don’t poison pets or small children who lick everything by not rinsing away the borax.

Happy Cleaning!


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