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How to Get Spaghetti Sauce Out of Carpet

I did a bad thing last night. I put a large spoon in a very small bowl and looked away for a moment. This bowl happened to be near carpet and holding red spaghetti sauce and the moment I looked away the spoon flung itself onto the carpet. I looked up at the last moment before the spoon struck the ground. Darn spoon, it held up dinner for a few minutes and I was starving. Husband kindly offered to help but it was my carpet stain and I wanted to blog about it. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take pictures until afterward but here’s a re-enactment.

removing spaghetti sauce
Have I mentioned how much I love microfiber?

Step One: Gently dab up excess sauce before it sinks into the carpet.

removing carpet stains

Step Two: Dampen microfiber cloth with cool water and blot up sauce.

Step Three: Apply warm soap suds to remaining sauce and dab some more.

removing stains from carpet

Step Four: Once the stain is gone, dab a wet cloth over stain area to “rinse out” the soap from carpet.

carpet stains removed
This is where the stain was, the other pictures are by the window for better light.

Spaghetti Sauce: zero, Angela: 1. Carpet stains always come out easier when they are fresh but the moral of this story is “Don’t Put Big Spoons in Little Bowls.” However, if you are unable to get the stain out, you can always call a professional.

Happy Cleaning!


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What stains have you conquered?

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