How to Deodorize Your Carpets the Easy Way


I’m a slacker, I know but Monday is better than no-day. I’m sharing a super easy way to get rid of the funk in your carpet. Plus it’s almost guaranteed to already be in your home, although you might want to pick up some more unless you buy the giant size like me. As clearly stated in the photo above, baking soda is a great way to deodorize your carpet safely and cheaply.


  1. Sprinkle or sift over the desired area (light or medium dusting)
    Ideally, you do not want people, children or pets walking over the area so I suggest doing this step before you go to bed, while the kids are at school, or during nap time. Also, you want to put enough baking soda onto the carpet so you can a)Put enough on to kill the odors, b)Tell that you’ve put some on the carpet so you will remember to vacuum it up, and c)Not too much for your vacuum to handle.
  2. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes
    You want to give the baking soda time to absorb the odors and any excess moisture.
  3. Vacuum it all up
    Just vacuum the carpet like you normally would, however if there is some baking soda that fell deep into the fiber, the skinny nozzle/baseboard attachment should pick it up easily.

Sometimes rooms just smell and you need to bring in the big guns to attack the area where all of the smelly feet hang out, especially when it’s teenage boy feet. I love using this tip when the carpet still looks good and doesn’t quite need another professional carpet cleaning quite yet.

What stinks up your carpets?


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