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5 Minutes to Clean Headlights

cleaning headlights
Don’t pay the guys at the car shop $20 to clean your hazy headlights or buy those expensive cleaners, because you can do it yourself for free in five minutes. The cleaner you need is probably in your pantry or laundry room or both. I have heard that you can do this with plain white tooth paste but all I have is the orange citrus flavored kind. So I thought baking soda should work just fine because that pretty much what white toothpaste is. And you know what, it works like magic and it’s super easy, quick and free. Here’s how to clean headlights in five minutes or less with baking soda.

How to Clean Headlights

Step One: Make a thick paste of baking soda and water.
You’ll want to use roughly a 2:1 ratio of baking soda to water.

how to clean headlights
I’m using a microfiber cloth but the paste is so thick it doesn’t really matter.

Step Two: Smear paste onto headlights and buff.
Don’t let the paste sit too long and dry out, the water will make removing dirt and buffing the surface easier.

Step Three: Rinse baking soda off and dry.
If there is any leftover baking soda on your clean headlight, it’ll leave a haze.

remove haze from headlights


That’s it! Grand total of five minutes to clean headlights (unless you’re taking pictures then maybe ten). I used my all purpose vinegar cleaner to rinse off the baking soda off of the headlights. My microfiber cloth was more useful here drying off the solution and picking up any other lingering dirt. I was really amazed at how much dirt I got off of the headlight and how clear it was after (If you want to, now would be a good time to apply a coat of wax to your headlights). The really nice thing after cleaning the headlights is that they seem brighter and less dreary. Yay for being able to see in the dark better!

Happy Cleaning!