The Best Way to Clean an iPhone Screen

After a while, the oleophobic coating on the iPhone wears off and you’re left with smudge city. Sometimes when the smudges are really bad, I write messages on the screen, mostly to motivate myself to clean it off. I have a super easy way to clean the screen that even works if you have a screen protector. The best way and recommended way to clean an iPhone screen is with a soft, microfiber cloth.

Technically yes that is an iPod Touch but close enough to an iPhone. I had to smudge it extra for the best effect to show you how well a microfiber cloth can clean the screen. Simply take the microfiber cloth and thoroughly wipe down the screen. No cleaning solution is need as most can remove the oleophoic coating or etch the screen. If you need a little extra dirt removing power, spritz a little water onto the microfiber cloth.

A microfiber cloth will pick up dirt, oil, and germs with it’s specially designed, star shaped fibers instead of smearing it around. As you can see, a microfiber cloth is very effective in cleaning an iPhone screen, but it won’t help you with scratches.

All shiny and clean, ready for new smudges from playing Candy Crush, Angry Birds or Solitaire.

Happy Smudging Cleaning!

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