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The Fastest Way to Clean Walls

You’re probably thinking, “Angela, why are you mopping your walls?” Just wait for it, did you see what I just did there? Now if I had only thought of this sooner. This is the fastest way to clean the walls that I have found. Now cleaning the walls is not something that I do regularly; it’s more of a spring cleaning, man my walls are gross I should probably clean them, kind of chore. Those of you with kids know how gross walls can get, especially in the kitchen and using a microfiber mop is an easy, non back breaking way to clean up the spills and spatters.

Simply dampen the mop cloth with your favorite cleaning solution and then “mop” in a M pattern. This method works best on walls with satin or semi-gloss paint. This still works on flat paint but it gives your arms a little bit more of a workout. Instead of spending 10 minutes cleaning most of the wall, this method takes two minutes and you actually clean the whole wall.

Why should your clean your walls every so often? Just move your furniture or wall art and you’ll see the dust or dirt build up. Or if you’re like me, color transfer from your couch. Oh and there the area where you keep your shoes that is probably desperate for a wipe down.

You know what, you could also use this method to wipe down your ceilings too, if they need it, for example above/near the stove.

Cleaning your walls is the easiest way to brighten up your space without really changing anything as it removes the dirt and freshens up your wall color. And if you’re like me, you dislike bending over and teetering off a chair to clean high places; using a mop eliminates both of these scenarios.

Happy Cleaning!

What random things do you clean?


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