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4 Things You Forget When Spring Cleaning Your House

Apparently we’ve had our last freeze here in Texas so now it’s supposed to warm up for good, which in my book means it’s spring. Pretty much all I want to do now is be a pool rat because it feels warm enough in my car; *sigh* maybe in a month or so. Back to my main point spring cleaning your house, there are a few things I’ve noticed missing from your typical spring cleaning list. These four things ought to be cleaned to help you save money in the long run.

Vents/Air Ducts
Clean Air Duct Vents

Keep the air in your home clean by properly maintaining your AC and furnace. Make it a habit of taking your vent covers off and washing them every 6 months or spring cleaning time. Also, check your air ducts for dirt or mold problems so you know whether you need to call a professional to clean them. Put this on your spring cleaning list and stop bigger problems before they happen.

Washing Machine Filter

Clean washing machine filter“The washing machine has a filter?!” That’s what I said when my front loader HE machine refused to finish cycles. I wrote about cleaning the filter here. You’d be surprise at what may be lurking in the filter and it may be the cause of the sink lingering in your drum. I’ve seen videos where people have found socks, change and wait for it: car keys. When I cleaned mine out, it smelled like something died in there but afterwards my machine worked great. So put your filter on your to spring clean list and keep your washer happy.

Refrigerator Coilsclean refrigerator coils

The reason your milk isn’t as cold as it usually is might be from dirty coils. I’ve heard and experienced the mysterious death and resurrection of the fridge just from having dirty coils (read about it here). Every spring and fall cleaning, especially if you have pets, give them a good vacuuming.


Yes, the thing that you stick dirty, grimy dishes in needs a good cleaning every now and then. Food grime has to go somewhere and somewhere just might be sticking in the hidden crevices like the spinning arm and the filter at the bottom. These are probably going to be the biggest culprits of hiding grime.  Adding this to your spring cleaning list will result in cleaner, more sparkly dishes.

On this list, all I have left is to clean my dishwasher (hence no picture) and then maybe a few other things on my cleaning list. I usually do my spring cleaning room by room over a few days, what’s your method?

Happy Cleaning!


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