How to Remove the Ring Around the Collar

How to Remove Shirt Collar Stain

I thought it might be about time for another laundry post and today’s tip is inspired by this pin and also by the fact that it seems like laundry always creeps up on me. Laundry should realize that if there is still a load sitting in the dryer, the dirty laundry baskets cannot fill up because there is still clean laundry. White dress shirts are the worst though, not only do they suddenly appear but they always seem to have collar and cuff stains. Some of Husband’s white shirt collars were too hard to ignore and needed some stain fighting attention. I used a simple solution and little effort to make a big difference on the shirt collars. You will need:

  • 1 part Dish soap
  • 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 part Baking soda
  • 1 Soft brush

Mix all of the ingredients together with the soft brush. Then pour the solution on the stained collar and work it in with the soft brush.

Removing Shirt Collar Stains

Let the solution sit for an hour or so while you catch up on your favorite show and then launder as usual before Netflix starts the next episode. See if you can put a whole load in and start it in the 15 second break period. 🙂

After the load is dry, you should notice that the collar stain is gone. Like so:

How to Clean a Shirt Collar
Some of the darker areas are shadows, not residual collar stain.

In fact, this cleaning solution works so well that if you don’t cover the whole collar you might get “failed to scrub there” lines. Mine were faint and you can’t tell if your not looking for it and of course it’s easier to see in person than in photograph. Can you see the line where I stopped scrubbing the shirt collar?

Cleaning Collar Stains

Anyways, this solution is great for white shirts but test in an inconspicuous spot on color shirts. Some people have experienced a little bit of color lightening while others turned out fine.

The dish soap works to break down the dirt and oil while the hydrogen peroxide reacts with the baking soda for extra stain lifting power, as well as brightening the fabric. Gently scrubbing the stain fighting solution helps to lift the tough, deep set stains leaving you with perfectly clean shirt collars.

Happy Cleaning and Stain Fighting!


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