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7 Easy Tips to Clean a Sofa (or Couch)

Hi, I’m Angela, and I own a white couch. My friends think I’m crazy and I agree, but it’s pretty. So Angela, how do you keep a white sofa clean?

Magic and Scotch Guard.

I actually use the same tips and tricks to keep my white sofa clean as I do on my other furniture and I’m gonna share 7 easy tips to clean a sofa or couch.

  1. Vacuum Regularly

    Seriously, vacuuming regularly removes the big chunks of …food… and more importantly the smaller particles that can deteriorate the fabric fibers over time. I also tend to find things I’ve lost when I clean my couch like nail clippers, remotes, and lonely left socks.

  2. Use Upholstery Attachment

    My white couch collects fuzz like non other while my microfiber couch looks worn after a week. By using the upholstery attachment, the bristle help to lift stubborn particles and the couch fibers.

  3. Flip and Rotate Cushions

    I would recommend doing this at least once a month, or whenever they start looking uneven, that’s what I do. Since this is a love seat, I have to rotate them almost weekly since the cushion on the right is sit on more often than the one on the left as you can see.

  4. Spot Clean as Needed

    Occasionally pizza sauce is spilled on the couch you’re not supposed to eat on (I know, we have issues) and it’s best to deal with spills and stains when they happen. However, since we live in a world with children and husbands, another great time to get to them is when you find them. 🙂 I tend to favor SuperSpotter as it is an all natural product and it works really well on food stains, like chocolate. However, cool soapy water works well too.

  5. Air Out and Fluff

     After removing all of the cushions from the couch for vacuuming, lean them up against the couch and let them air out. A fresh smelling couch can make your couch seem cleaner too. Use your favorite deodorizing spray, or, if you can, take the covers off the cushions and throw them in the wash. Fluff throw pillows to air them out and to help them regain their original state.

  6. Use an Upholstery Protector

    This is my best friend when it comes to keeping my sofa and couch clean. I may have done three light coats on the white couch to help repel the inevitable stains. If you have a professional clean  your furniture, I would definitely recommend having them apply a protectant to keep your furniture cleaner.

  7. Put it Back Together

    Even if it only lasts for a minute, put the cushions and throw pillows back onto your couch so it looks like it belongs in a showroom. Staging, putting your sofa back together isn’t really cleaning it, but it is cleaning the room around your sofa, making it look cleaner by default.

Keeping a sofa clean is really pretty easy but if all you have time for is to clear off is the papers or dishes, that’s a start. These tips are what work for me and help my couches last longer and I encourage you to do what works for you.

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Happy Cleaning!