Simple Cleaning Hack for 2-Minute Clean-ups

I am a normal person, maybe except for the part where I write a cleaning blog and enjoy it, and I love quick clean-ups as much as the next person. Today I have an simple cleaning hack for 2-minute clean-ups. I tried out this cleaning hack out on Friday so I would have a good bit of judgement of how well it works. My goodness does it work well to clean up easily and give a fantastic shine. Are you ready?

Simple Cleaning Hack

Yes, that is car wax and it is an amazing cleaning hack. I bought this car wax a while ago and hid it in my laundry room so I promptly forgot about it until last Friday. So Angela, how is car wax an amazing cleaning hack? Well, you apply it to something like your stove, or sink and it helps create a liquid-proof barrier that repels, well, liquid and the stains that comes with liquid. Even if you leave food overnight, it still comes up easily. Here’s how you apply the car wax:

First Clean the Surface

Use your favorite cleaning solution, vinegar and water, Clorox wipes, soap and water, whatever floats your boat, to remove food and debris. Let the surface dry or buff with a soft cloth.

Then Apply a Light Coat of Wax

The instructions on the wax stated to wet the sponge and apply in a light coat, and I strongly recommend following the instructions. Why? Because they might actually know what they are talking about and when you try to remove a heavy coat of wax, it’ll take you twice as long.

Remove Wax with a Terry Cloth

Let the wax dry into a haze before removing with a terry cloth. The wax goes on wet and hard to see and dries hazy and easy to see. Once the excess wax is removed, you’re left with a super shiny surface.

You can apply the wax to just about any surface except for vinyl, wood, or flat paint. I do not recommend applying the wax to a glass cooktop as it may cause damage when heated up to an extreme temperature.

So how does this cleaning hack hold up to something like tomato bisque?

With a little soap and water sitting for just a minute, the mess wipes right up.

And you still get a great shine!

So how does it hold up in a stainless steel sink?

Well after a weekend and heavy use, some of the wax has worn away in the base of the sink but the faucet and top part of the sink still look great. I’d recommend a few coats of wax if you really want to keep water stains out of your sink.

I’m in love with the cleaning hack because it cuts down on my cleaning time, so don’t mind me as I quickly run to put this on all of my bathroom faucets (to repel water and prevent build up). One quick note, I would recommend cleaning most surface with water and soap so it doesn’t remove the wax as quickly.

Happy Cleaning!