Post Holiday Clean Up Plan

So… I realize I haven’t posted at all during the holiday season, even though I started a great post on keeping up with holiday cleaning. Let’s just say that once the holidays started to sneak up I started to prep my house for guests, got sick, got better, Husband got sick and better, then by that time it was almost Christmas and we were getting ready to fly out to visit family. Can we say that it was a really busy 2 months for my household? Now that January has rolled around, I think I’m gonna take this month as my recovery month from everything.

Wait, does this mean you’re  not cleaning this month? No, it means I have specific cleaning projects this month. 🙂

Post Holiday Clean Up Plan

In the two months that lacked real cleaning my goals include:

  • Empty or put way the suite cases
  • Dust everything
  • Deep clean the bathrooms
  • Put away the Christmas decorations
  • Deep clean the floors
  • Clean out office

In addition to my regular cleaning, de-cluttering, vacuuming, laundry, and general wipe downs I hope to accomplish at least one of these projects each week. This type of approach is what I recommend  to start out the post holiday clean up, taking on one project on at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and eventually give up. This approach also gives you permission to procrastinate certain projects while completing others.

Kid’s Holiday Clean Up Tips

While these are my grown up projects, if you have kids, assign them age appropriate chores to help out your projects as well as assigning them their own. For example, your children may have gotten some new toys for Christmas, have them go through their toys and make a donate, and throw out piles for toys they no longer want or play with to help clean up their rooms. Do the same with their clothes, shoes, outerwear, anything that they don’t really use anymore. Once the excess of things is gone, it’ll make it easier for your kids to clean and help keep their spaces clean.

Happy New Year and happy cleaning!