How to Clean Baseboards Simply

I just don’t clean my baseboards often. I just don’t, baseboards are just one of those things that you think, “maybe I should clean them, or I could…” Sitting on the floor and scooting around is not one of my favorite things as I am no longer three. However, I do have a simple tip to keep your baseboards clean so you only have to clean them maybe once a year, or less often than you do now. πŸ™‚

First, you will need to clean your baseboards. Use your favorite cleaning solution, soap and water, water, whatever floats your boat.

Use a soft cloth and wipe the baseboards clean. If you’re like me, use a pole with a window washing head so you don’t have to scoot along the floor or tie a cloth to the end of a broom stick. You can see the dirt already coming off from the baseboards.

Much better, you’ll also be able to figure out where paint touch ups are needed, or decide that it looks fine as long as you don’t take pictures for a blog. πŸ™‚ Once your baseboards are clean and dry, rub a dryer sheet along the baseboards to infuse them with anti-cling powers.

Once infused with anti-cling powers, they will repel dirt and dust much better and stay cleaner for longer. Alternatively, you can spritz a cleaning cloth with commercial fabric softener and wipe down your baseboards for the same effect if you do not have or buy fabric softener sheets. The box I have was $1 at the grocery store and has yet to be used for it’s intended purposes. Anyhoo, this is a lazy great cleverΒ way to keep your baseboards clean.

Happy Cleaning!

I still haven’t quite started my spring cleaning yet, have you?


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