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How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

So, it’s been a while since I actually cleaned my vacuum. For shame, and I have not vacuumed the past two weeks because of the people visiting, pets and a hectic schedule. I got around to it this week and feel accomplished and disgusted at the same time. Avert your eyes if you don’t want a reason to vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets.

Clean a bagless vacuum

Gross I know. It’s just gross to me knowing all of that was in my carpet.  I get great satisfaction knowing I pulled all of that dirt and hair out of my carpet, which is probably why vacuuming is my favorite sport chore. For the record, I do wish that when I vacuumed nothing came out, due to the level of cleanliness. When my vacuum does look this bad, I know it’s time to clean it out. Here’s how I clean my bagless vacuum.

Remove the canister and empty contents into the trash.

Clean vacuum filter
Take canister apart, remove stubborn dirt fluff and rinse in warm water.

Clean Dirty Vacuum Filter
Check your filters and clean as needed. Mine is washable so I rinsed it in warm water until the water ran clear, squeezed out the excess and let it air dry. Check your manual for instructions on how to care for your filter.

Clean a Vacuum Clog

Check hoses for blockage. This one is at the roller brush but also check where the dirt goes into the canister and the hose attachment.

Cleaning a Dirty Vacuum
Use a seam ripper to remove hair and string from the roller brush. Scissors would work nicely too.

Cleaning a Bagless Vacuum

Wipe vacuum clean as desired and wait 24 hours for vacuum parts to thoroughly dry before putting it back together. My filter was still damp after 24 hours, must be the Texas humidity or something, but a hair dryer fixed that problem quickly. A bagless vacuum needs to be cleaned thoroughly every two months to keep it running well. After I clean my machine, I like lean it up and turn it on for 30 seconds to run air through the system to loosen any potential clogs.

I have to admit, after I put the vacuum back together, I wanted to go over all of the carpets again just in case I missed something. I might have a slight addiction.

Happy Cleaning!


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I love vacuuming, what’s your favorite chore?

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