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Room by Room Home Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Guide: Room By Room

Everyone needs a clean home, whether they just moved in or have been an owner of the home for long. Even those who want to sell their home need them clean before the potential buyer get distracted by the mess. There are various ways of cleaning each room.


It is good to protect every investment you make at your home. Despite giving the best efforts at cleanliness, your carpet eventually will become a victim of accidents, drops, spills and the shoe stains. When this happens, there are different ways of handling the problem to ensure that the carpet looks new.

  • Blot stains: Do not rub them. Instead, dab the carpet or floor stains with the cleaning cloth damped in a cleaning solution. The method used is blotting which puts little pressure on the stain to soak it up. Always blot from outside the stain inwards.
  • The process of Club soda: Club soda is known to be effective against wine and beer stains if correctly used. Damp cloth with soda and blot the stained area. If this does not work, mix white vinegar and water in a sprayer and spray the solution in the stained area for 10-15 minutes to soak. Then press the sponge into the soaked area to soak up. The process may be repeated until the stains are removed.
  • Ink stains: To avoid damaging your beautiful carpet, damp a cloth in a tin of isopropyl alcohol and then dab it on the stained section of the carpet. Try not to scrub the surface which is inked. After a while, remove excess moisture with a vacuum that is liquid-friendly. Repeat the process to ensure that the ink-stain is no more.
  • Accidental pet stains: well-trained pets can only stain the carpet accidentally. In such a scenario, spray organic cleaners’ chemicals in the stained area and scrub. Wipe the cleaner up with either a cloth or a towel. This method can also be used to remove coffee stains and sauces from the carpet, but is always considered best for pet stain removal.
  • Freeze-dried chewing gum: in case you have a chewing gum in your carpet, grab some ice cubes. Place the cubes on the gum for 30 seconds which will help freeze and harden the gum. When this is done, use a spoon to lift a glob then cut the smaller part of the carpet that is attached to the gum. Cut it as close to the gum as possible to avoid a noticeable change.

Kitchen (Tile & Grout)

It is not surprising that your kitchen tends to be the dirtiest. It can have juice spills, shoe dirt prints, paw prints and much more. There are many different ways of cleaning tiles and grout;

  • Cleaning Grout: Grout is the filler between tiles preventing fluids from seeping into the subfloor. Overtime, it can become dirty and discolored. Occasionally when cleaning tiles, also clean the ceramic tile grout. Use professional-strength ceramic tile grout cleaner to remove mild, soap scum or oils. You can also mix the vinegar and water in an equal ratio and spray it to the grout. After 5 minutes, scrub with a soft brush. If the stains remain, use baking soda or a white toothpaste.
  • Cleaning a natural ceramic tile: This is a tile without a glossy glaze, therefore it soaks up any liquid, oils or powder that comes in contact with the surface. Wipe up all the dirt immediately the mess happens. But if there is an existing spot, try wiping it with soapy water. For sticky stains, wipe them with a cloth dampened with alcohol.
  • Cleaning glazed ceramic tile: These types of tiles have more protection as compared to others. They can be scratched easily therefore needing a light touch when cleaning. They are vacuumed to remove dust, then washed with plain water. Another homemade option that can be used to clean glazed ceramic tiles is a quarter cup of vinegar mixed with two gallons of warm water. Do not use a brush. Use sponge mop or soft cotton rug.

Common Areas (wood floors)

Regular cleaning of the wood floors is key to enable good maintenance of such floors. Basically, you can take care of your floor by sweeping then dusting it with a mop with a little agent to pick dust, dirt, or pet hair. Vacuum the floor once a week with a vacuum with a floor brush only.

  • Deep cleaning a wood floor: when dirt, oil, and grime build up, you need to purchase wood cleaning products depending on the type of wood used in the floor. Soak the mop in the solution to make it damp then use it to wipe the floor carefully by ensuring no water is left on the surface. Rinse the floor and allow it to dry.
  • Marks removal: You should be able to tell whether the finish of your floor is hard or soft. If the finish is hard, wipe the surface with a soft, clean, damp cloth. If the finish is soft, you can use steel wool and floor wax. If the stains resist, soak the stain using bleach and vinegar for 45 minutes then rinse and wipe with a damp cloth.

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