How to Fold a Fitted Sheet {The Easy Way}


I must admit, it took me a while to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Fitted sheets in my house were halfheartedly folded in to a tall squarish lump and shoved into the closet you quickly close (because that’s how much junk lives in there) until I finally learned how. That pin with the green sheets makes it much harder than it actually is and a few tries later, I figured out an easier way to fold the sheets. By the way, I am folding king sized sheets in this tutorial. You should be able to fold any sized sheet with this tutorial.

Folded fitted sheets
This is supposed to show the corners sliding nicely up to match the other corners. I usually do this standing up because they match nicer that way.

Step One: Fold the sheet in half and tuck the corners together.

How to Fold Sheets
I lay the sheet on the bed or floor to tug it into a nice squarish shape. It’s okay if it’s not a perfect square/rectangle shape.

Step Two: Fold top third of the sheet down.

Folding Fitted Sheets
I fold where the elastic is and call it good.

Step Three: Fold bottom third of sheet up.

Folded Sheet
I take the bottom part and fold it up so it almost matches the top fold.

Step Four: Take sides and bring to the middle.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets
Leave a space between the ends so the sheet will fold nicely again.

Step Five: Fold fitted sheet in half.

Fold Fitted Sheets
Look it’s not a blob!

Bam, you’re done. You could work at Bed Bath and Beyond now folding fitted sheets. Or, organize the sheet monster living in your closet. Folded sheets play nice in the closet and do not take up more room than needed. I just smile at my folded sheets now. Is it weird that something like this makes me happy?

Happy folding!


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