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How to Clean a Front Loader Washer

How to Clean Your WasherMy front loading washer is the culprit for eating things not my dryer. First, the washer ate husband’s iPod then it ate my socks, probably because it feels neglected (lies, we do a couple loads of laundry a week). Anyhoo, I found where the iPod and the socks were sucked into, the pit of despair, it’s under the rubber seal of the washer. So if you’re missing something, check there. Make it a habit to check the seal after every wash so items do not make their way down to the drain (which will be another post with a good story).

To clean your front loading washer, follow the pictures and do this every few months to keep your washer clean and running efficiently.

Step One: Remove and clean the soap dispenser drawer and cavity.

How to Clean an HE Washer

How to Clean a Washer Drawer
Much better, I was too busy getting rid of the nastiness to remember to take pictures.

Step Two: Wipe down the washer drum with your favorite cleaner.

Clean Washer
Check the water hose for build up.
Washer Buildup
Gross, just gross.
After. The trick is to put straight vinegar in your soap dispenser.

Step Three: Clean the rubber seal. Pull the rubber seal back and remove any clothing/items and wipe like you’ve never wiped before to get rid of mold and mildew.

Cleaning washer seal
Some of the discoloration is a permanent stain from mold.

Step Four: Run the washer on hot with a cup of vinegar (or run a clean cycle if you have one).

Step Five: Wipe down the inside of your washer  again and washer door.

Clean glass washer door
Yay shiny! I used a Magic Eraser for some hard to clean spots.

Congratulations, you finished reading the instructions. Now go clean your washer for cleaner clothes and the satisfaction that you did it. Check out my post on F21 Error Code, Unclog the Washer Drain if you’re feeling adventurous or have that pesky code flashing at you.

Happy Cleaning!


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