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Remove Cooked on Grease: The Oven

To be perfectly honest, my oven was not that bad. It had enough grease that I considered cleaning it when I finally had enough time. Saturday I decided I had enough time because I saw a homemade soft scrub on Pinterest; my motivation to do really cool projects, sometimes. Deviating from the recipe a little I created my own soft scrub from dish soap and baking soda and called it good. Now to remove cooked on grease from the oven, follow the instructions below. 🙂

Clean the Oven

Mix up your soft scrub to a paint like consistency. You’ll want it to be runny enough to spread easily but thick enough to not drip down too much.

How to Clean an Oven

Use a pastry brush to “paint” the homemade cleaner all over your oven. My cleaner ran a little but coated nicely. Yes, that is a belt holding the bottom coil up. It was much easier to cover the bottom of the oven that way.

Clean a Oven

Don’t forget the top; see not too thin and not too thick (those droplets do look threatening). Now for the fun part, let it sit for a few hours. Go do a project or something. Husband and I drove around the boonies with the windows down and got ice cream.

If you decide to check on it while it’s sitting and it’s looking a little dry, spray it down with a water/vinegar mixture After a few hours, scrub it down. Use a kitchen scrubby wand thingy to loosen any stubborn grime. Rinse the brush as needed to start removing the soft scrub. To remove the soft scrub completely, I used two wash clothes to wipe it out, rinsing excessively after each wipe. I used a third dry wash cloth and the vinegar mixture to identify and remove any additional soft scrub. Removing the soft scrub/soap took the longest, 30 minutes to get it all out, including rinsing the wash clothes between wipes.

remove greaseremoving oven grease

Every time I look at this picture, I can hear the oven say “Ping!!” I am quite impressed with how much stubborn grease came off with the soft scrub. I realized there is still some grease up at the top and that is due to human error; failure to actually scrub there. I’m positive that I can remove that grease by putting more soft scrub on it and scrubbing for 5 minutes total. By the way, this scrubbing is light to medium not get your arm work out for the day. I’ll post more pictures after I get the rest of the grease off. 🙂

Happy Cleaning!!


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What are your methods to remove oven grease?

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