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The 5 Benefits of Area Rug Cleaning 

An area rug can significantly impact the aesthetic of a living room, dining room, or bedroom – whether it is a treasured family heirloom or something you ordered online from your favorite retailer. An area rug can also detract from the appearance of a room when it becomes dingy, discolored, or just plain hairy or dirty. You may take care of your area rug regularly, The question is, it may still look tattered over time due to heavy foot traffic, spills from kids, and even sunlight from your windows can affect the fibers. The good news is that professional rug cleaning services can restore that area rugs by expert technicians who understand different rug fibers and use unique cleaning methods designed for rugs. But why should you pay for this professional service rather than just cleaning the rug yourself?  

What you may not have known about the benefits of cleaning area rugs 

1. Rug cleaning extends the life of rugs 

Rugs can add softness to a room with wood floors or tiles, but they can also be expensive. Investing in a quality rug can cost anywhere from $400 to tens of thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to keep it looking beautiful for as long as you can. Cleaning your rug professionally is a great way to extend the life of your rug. Keeping your rug clean reduces the risk of dirt, dust, and debris breaking down its fibers over time.  

2. It Can Improve Your Family’s Health 

The things hidden in your area rugs – dust, debris, pollen, pet dander, or even mold and mildew – can lead to low air quality and increased allergies in your home. By getting your area rug cleaned, you will be able to instantly change the look of your room as well as improve the health of your family. If you or a family member has been suffering from itchy eyes and more sneezing lately, your rug may be the culprit.  

3. DIY Rug Cleaning Can be Disastrous 

Although DIY rug cleaning can potentially save money, many consumer products are too harsh for delicate rug fibers – especially for heirloom or antique rugs. If you use the wrong product or too much, you could unintentionally cause colors to bleed or even mold or mildew to grow on your rug.  

It is best not to take any chances with rugs since they are such integral parts of the living space (and they can be pretty expensive). A professional rug cleaner is well-versed in specific rug cleaning techniques and has years of experience handling these pieces. If you want to spruce up your rug, you can rest assured that it will be in good hands and you won’t have to replace it just to spruce it up.  

4. Rug Cleaning Can Save You Money 

You can spend a lot on area rugs (even those from big box stores), so it can add up if you keep replacing them every few years. Take good care of them by vacuuming regularly, cleaning up stains immediately, and scheduling the occasional professional rug cleaning. It can save you money in the long run.  

5. Your Rug (And Your Room) Will Look Better 

The most apparent benefit of professional rug cleaning is that it will improve the appearance of your area rug and the room it is in. A dirty, dingy rug makes the rest of the space appear old, worn out, and needs some cleaning. Cleaning your rug can completely transform the look of your living room, dining room, or bedroom.  

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