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What do you need to know about area rug cleaning

Area rug cleaning is the most important aspect when it comes to maintaining your rugs. While you can clean them yourself, professional area rug cleaning is the smartest option if you want to make sure your rugs are deep cleaned. Professional area rug cleaning helps reduce allergens in your home and improves your indoor air quality. Read below to see how KIWI’s area rug cleaning process works.

How KIWI Cleans Your Area Rugs

KIWI uses our unique area rug cleaning methods to make sure your rugs look and feel like new. We have over 33 years of experience cleaning area rugs, oriental rugs, wool rugs, and many more. Our rug cleaning specialists pay attention to the details when they clean rugs. Here is our process:

1. Area Rugs Pre-Inspection

At KIWI, we will pre-inspect your rugs to catch any issues such as torn fringes, missing textile, or color bleach. If we should find any rug repair issues, we will give you a call to inform you.

2. Detailed Vacuuming of Your Area Rug

Our rug cleaning specialists will vacuum both sides of your rug using our state-of-the-art vacuuming machine to make sure all loose dust is handled before we provide a deep cleaning. We will also rinse the soil before our deep cleaning.

3. Deep Cleaning of Your Area Rug

We will thoroughly hand clean your area rug until it passes our quality inspection. Each rug is unique and needs a detailed deep cleaning of its own kind. Our rug cleaning specialists pay special attention to every area rug we clean.

4. Your Area Rug is Dried

After we have provided a deep cleaning of your area rug, we will lay your rugs flat to dry to avoid color migration and fiber stretching.

5. We Will Provide Post Detailing

We want to make sure your area rug is perfectly cleaned, so we will dust your rug again before wrapping it up for delivery.

6. Delivery

KIWI provides free pick-up and delivery of all the area rugs we clean. We will deliver your area rug back to you looking like new.

If you’re in need of an area rug cleaning, give KIWI a call. Our professional area rug cleaning services will have your rug looking great again without you needing to do anything.