5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Let’s be honest: Air duct cleaning is likely not at the top of your priorities — and it might not even be on your list of priorities at all. But, what you may not know is that your air ducts affect how you feel and breathe in your home, which you would undoubtedly prioritize for every family member.  

Here’s what air duct cleaning is and some crucial signs that it’s time to get yours cleaned.  

What Is Air Duct Cleaning? 

To understand what air duct cleaning is and why it’s necessary, it’s important first to get a handle on what an air duct is and what functions it’s supposed to perform. Air ducts are essentially the paths for your heating and air conditioning to deliver hot and cool air in your home — which help keep your home comfortable and safe no matter the temperature outside.  

Unfortunately, like every other item and system in the home, air ducts are susceptible to getting dirty and dusty over time. Air duct cleaning is a process that professional HVAC cleaners use to eliminate this debris as well as mold or mildew to help your HVAC system perform better and provide you with better air quality in the home.  

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning 

1. Your Allergies Are Acting Up 

Sure, everyone has seasonal allergies, but if you’ve noticed sneezing, watery eyes, or even symptoms of asthma pop up in you or one of your family members, dirty air ducts may in fact be the culprit. Often this is one of the last things homeowners will expect.  

2. Your Energy Bill is Unusually High 

Whether you conscientiously try to save energy with a smart thermostat or you simply have been trying to conserve, it may shock you to find an extremely high energy bill at the end of the month. If you’re puzzled as to why this could occur even with efforts to lower your bill, dirty air ducts — which can cause the system to work harder than it has to — could be the reason why your bill is so outrageous.  

3. The Vent Grilles Are Dirty  

Even if you make your best effort to dust everything in the home routinely — including your vent grilles — and you’re still constantly battling dust bunnies, it could very well be that you need to get your ducts professionally cleaned. Because there may be a large buildup of dust floating around in your air ducts, it may naturally accumulate around the vent grilles.  

4. You Just Had a Major Renovation 

Home renovations are an exciting milestone for a homeowner. Whether you just completely gutted your bathroom or overhauled the kitchen, it’s likely that there was a lot of dust, debris, and chemicals floating around your house and finding themselves wafting into the air ducts. It’s best to schedule an air duct cleaning just as soon as the last contractor has gone home to ensure that your air quality returns to normal.  

5. The Air in Your Home Smells Musty  

Musty, mildewy odors that won’t seem to dissipate are not only annoying — they’re also bad for your family’s health. They can contribute to an increased level of allergies and even asthma, and it’s best to eliminate the source as soon as possible. However, if you can’t quite find the source in any of the rooms of your house, it’s very likely that the air ducts could be to blame.  

Kiwi Services Professional Air Duct Cleaning  

Have a suspicion that your home could benefit from a professional air duct cleaning? Give Kiwi Services a call to procure safe, effective, and guaranteed air duct cleaning. We offer a 100% guarantee that mold and mildew will not regrow for three years — or we will come back to your home and reapply our antimicrobial treatment.  

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