How to Jump Start Spring Cleaning

Sooo, today is the first day of spring, how did that happen? Anyways, I have accidentally started some spring cleaning due to spilling chocolate milk on my rug, but have realized some helpful tips to jump start your spring cleaning.

Get Allergies and Change the Air Filter

Do you get spring allergies? I sure do and pretty much become a zombie for a week. What I discovered what a big help to my allergies was to change out the air filter on the return vent. My allergies disappeared almost over night. Little did I know that this was the beginning of the snowballing of my spring cleaning.

Spill Chocolate Milk on the Rug and Clean the Carpets

spring cleaning

Yes I did. Actually, it may have been the blanket’s fault, or the spoon. Swooping happened and then the chocolate milk was on the rug then the carpet cleaner was pulled out and I not only cleaned the rug but the carpet in a few other rooms too.

Pull out the Carpet Cleaner and Wash the Pillows

I feel like this is turning into a “If you give a mouse a cookie” book/episode. If you sit on your throw pillows like I do they probably need a cleaning and a fluffing. When you are already cleaning everything else in the room, you’ll decide now is a good time to do this. If you can, pull them out of their covers and wash them in even numbers to keep the washer balanced.

Empty the Carpet Cleaner and Deep Clean the Bathroom

When you have carpet that likes to shed, it will continue to shed when you deep clean your carpets. Then, when you empty the carpet cleaner tank, the carpet fuzz will clog your sink. To de-clog your sink, you’ll take the plunger and plunge  the sink, spraying dirty water everywhere (or to avoid this altogether, you can hire someone to do this). When you spray dirty water everywhere, you might as well deep clean your bathroom while the carpets dry.

Own a White Couch and Wash Half to Realize You Need to Wash All of It

spring cleaning ti
You can’t tell the yellowness of the frame part but I promise it’s there.

Yes, I did this. The couch cushions started to look dingy so I washed them. Once I put the covers back on, the rest of the couch looked looks super dingy and now I need to wash the rest of the couch covers.

Get Allergies, Never Leave the Couch and Wash All of the Blankets

Remember how I had allergies at the beginning of the post? Yes well, when you get allergies, you live on the couch under the blanket. When you live on the couch under a blanket, you’ll spill jam and other food on your blanket then you’ll need to clean your blanket. While cleaning your blanket, you’ll realize you should probably wash your bedding too to help reduce the amount of allergens in your house.

Sarcasm aside, the chores I listed are a pretty good start for the things that do need a good spring cleaning. I’m ignoring the kitchen spring cleaning for the time being until I get the rest of my linens and living room cleaning finished.

Start Spring Cleaning Tips

Happy Cleaning!