How to Freshen the Garbage Disposal Naturally

Far too many times have I walked into my kitchen and had to play find the stink game. Usually the garbage disposal is the source of my smells but the garbage can is close second. I don’t know why we can just wash the dishes every night and rinse dishes before the food becomes encrusted on, so that usually means that food is rotting away in the sink and garbage disposal.

I usually run mine after I clean the dishes and I’m cleaning out my sink but about every other week or so I freshen the garbage disposal.

You will need

  • Ice
  • Citrus peels
  • Baking soda (optional)

Freshen the garbage disposal

Freshen the Garbage Disposal

Step One: Clean your sink, it doesn’t have to bee a deep cleaning. Just make sure to get rid of the food gunk hanging out on the walls. Angela, why is this important? You can freshen up your garbage disposal all you want, but a dirty sink will still stink.

Step Two: Eat an orange, squeeze a lemon, make a key lime pie, whatever floats your boat because you’ll need the peels. I peeled some of the skin off a grapefruit in my fridge. Put the citrus peels down the drain.

Step Three: Add some ice and baking soda (optional) to your citrus peels and turn on your garbage disposal. Tip, run the water on a low cool stream to help rinse the blades while it’s disposing.


The ice helps to sharpen and degunk your blades while the citrus peel oils help to cut through grime while smelling fantastic. If your garbage disposal is extra smelly, the baking soda will help to combat the extra odors.

I will usually run citrus peels down the drain whenever we have citrus since I like the smell so much, but I have also gone a few months without freshening the garbage disposal. I like this way of making your sink smell nice because it’s pretty much free and natural.

Happy cleaning!

How to Freshen the Garbage Disposal Naturally