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One day a light bulb went off in my head. I just bought these super cute shoes (see above) and the heels started attract dirt. Boo. I also have some yellow shoes I love to wear but have permanent dirt stains on the heels. To keep my shoes clean, I throw them in the washer every so often in my washer; but that doesn’t stop me from dropping food on them, or stepping in mud ten minutes later. Quite honestly, treating stains on my shoes is not something I want to do regularly because I have a hard enough time folding all of the laundry AND putting it away. Fact, there’s a basket in my bedroom right now that needs both from I can’t remember when, maybe last Thursday. It’s an extra step I don’t want to take every time. Insert light bulb moment; Scotchgard. My shoes are made of fabric, Scotchgard protects fabric and upholstery, Scotchgard should help keep my shoes cleaner. Now why didn’t I think of the before the heels of my shoes became stained?

Keeping Shoes Cleaner
They even suggest using it on canvas shoes. Aren’t they so smart. 🙂


Simply apply the Scotchgard as directed on the bottle. I took my shoes outside and sprayed a couple of times waiting 2-3 minutes between coats, then left them outside to dry. Scotchgard does stink so if you’re doing this indoors, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area; have a couple of windows open. This is not a sponsored post, the idea just came to me because I happen to have a can on hand and thought it would be a great way to keep canvas shoes clean.

The directions mention that you should reapply after every cleaning; however, I think you could get away with every other cleaning if you coated your shoes well and don’t wear them daily. The Scotchgard will break down as you wear them and expose your shoes to damage causing agents. I don’t wear my canvas shoes every day and I wash them when they become grungy. Anyhoo, it’s up to you how often you reapply Scotchgard but those are my thoughts. Hopefully, my shoes will stay nice and clean like this:

Shoe Cleaner

Happy Cleaning!


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What methods do you use to keep your shoes clean?

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