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How to Prevent Pet Stains

Pet Stain Removal

This past week we dog sat for some friends of ours and it went pretty well, except for the part where their dog peed and pooped on our carpet. I think he was just marking his territory or just spiting us for kidnapping him for 4 days. Luckily, I was able to get to the scene of the crime as soon as it happened and start working on getting it out. Now you can’t even tell or smell where he went.

This pet stain removal method really works if you get to the spot as soon as it happens; otherwise, I would recommend a professional pet stain removal. If you don’t attend to a pet stain right away, it can seep down into the carpet pad, that’s when it smells and becomes a reoccurring stain. Prevent pet accidents from becoming pet stains with this little trick.

Clean Pet Stains

Step One: Blot up as much of the pet urine as you can. Use paper towels or a super absorbent cloth, whatever grosses you out less.

Removing Pet Stains
Side note, these photos are re-enacting how I cleaned up the pet accident. So… this is just water but gets the point across.

Remove Pet Stains

Step Two: Sprinkle baking soda onto the affected area. Don’t be afraid to coat the area heavily; I used about a cup and agitated the carpet a little to allow the baking soda sink down into the base of the carpet.

Clean Up Pet Accidents

Step Three: Allow the baking soda to “dry” for at a few hours. Place a plate over the baking soda so big people won’t step in it and so little people won’t play in it.

Easy Pet Stain Removal

Step Four: Vacuum it up. You can use the hose then the roller part or just skip to the roller part. I like using the hose first to get the deeply embedded baking soda.

That’s it, the easiest and cheapest way to prevent pet stains. If some baking soda won’t come out, spray it with vinegar and blot it up.  I just love how baking soda saves me from stubborn messes and how versatile it is. This method worked for me because I did this within minutes of the dog peeing on the carpet. Found a dried up, smelly pee spot? Try this tried and true method from One Good Thing by Jillee, it also uses baking soda and vinegar, but not in that order.

Happy Cleaning and I hope your pets don’t pee on your carpet!


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What methods do you use to remove pet stains?

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