How to Keep the Shower Clean

I don’t always clean the shower as often as I should, but I have a new trick up my sleeve to lessen the guilt.

My tip originates from that one time when I cleaned the stove, well more like made it shiny and goo repellent. We like using bar soap and have found a brand that doesn’t leave nearly as much as build up as others, so my tip to keep the shower clean is:

Yup! An application of car wax to your shower walls will definitely help keep it cleaner. This is also especially nice if you have hard water because if you apply some to your faucet too, it’ll help stop hard water stains in their tracks.

Just like in my tutorial for the stove, wet the sponge and apply a thin layer of the wax over the shower walls. Let the wax dry and wipe off the extra with a terry cloth.

I also squeegee my walls from time to time after and the wax makes the water come right off! Now you can feel less guilty with this easy tip to keep the shower clean.

Happy cleaning!

What are your tips to keep the shower clean?