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What is the Most Durable Carpet for Pet Stains?

Our pets are like our family—in that they can dirty up the house just as much as any other family member of ours. No matter if you have dogs, cats, or both in the house, one thing is for sure: Even the best trained animals can make a big mess occasionally.

When you have a pet inside the house, it’s just inevitable that they’re going to make a mess on the flooring, whether you’re potty training a new puppy or your cat hacks up a hairball. But which type of flooring is the most durable carpet for pet stains?

Let’s go over which type of carpet is the best for dealing with pet stains—and how to care for it when your animal has an accident.

Type of Carpet Best for Pets

Although many pet owners swear by hardwood flooring for the ease of cleaning things up, wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t mean that you will be plagued with bad smelling or stained looking floors all the time—but some carpets are more pet-friendly than others.

Wool carpeting is lush, fluffy, and soft, but it may not be the best when you have animals in the house. It’s not very stain-resistant, which is not something that you want when you have pets around. The best type of carpet for pets is one that is made from synthetic fibers like nylon, olefin, and polyester. Synthetic fiber carpeting tends to be more resilient, durable, and most importantly can stand up to tough stains.

However, just because a type of flooring is better suited for animals than another doesn’t mean that you can ignore stains when they occur. Even if you do have synthetic fiber carpeting, it’s still good practice to clean pet stains right after they happen so that bacteria and odor don’t sink to the carpet padding, leading to a permanent scent on the carpet.

Kiwi Services Offers Pet Stain Removal

Kiwi Services has been cleaning carpets for over 30 years, and we know a thing or two about getting them spic and span once again. In addition to our expert carpet cleaning service, which uses an eco-friendly and pet-safe dry cleaning solution that gets your carpets fluffy and fresh without all of the added chemicals, we also offer a pet stain and odor removal service.

If your pet stains are particularly tough, we attack the urine, odor or stain by using a pet stain removal solution—an antimicrobial solution that kills odor on the surface of the carpet—and then moving onto an eliminator injection should the odors continue. If all else fails, we will lift the carpet, remove the contaminated padding and then sanitize, wash, and seal the floor beneath. We’ll then insert new padding and reinstall the carpeting to get it nice and fresh.

Questions about our carpet cleaning process or about pet stain removal? Call Kiwi today to get a free service quote!