Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Upholstery Cleaning

Keeping your home’s indoor air quality as high as possible is very important. Indoor air quality matters for many reasons including your health, especially those who suffer from allergies. Improving your indoor air quality can be done in many ways from professional air duct cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, and even professional upholstery cleaning. Often, homeowners can forget the importance of professional upholstery cleaning for improving their indoor air quality, but at KIWI we understand the importance.

Healthier Upholstery

When you sit on your sofa or other upholstered seats, you are leaving dirt, dander, skin, and bacteria that goes into the fibers and surfaces. The more build up there is, the more you increase allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and health problems. These symptoms and the bacteria are all associated with poor indoor air quality. Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned will help get rid of all of these issues. Professional upholstery cleaning will remove dust, dirt, allergens, and many other particles that can lie dormant in your upholstered fabric.

A Company Trusted by Many

KIWI Services has provided professional upholstery cleaning services for over 33 years. We know how to help improve your indoor air quality and help you have a happier and healthier home. Our technicians will work hard to provide you with the best service, and we can clean your air ducts, carpets, and rugs to further help improve your indoor air quality. All of our services are backed with a 30-day clean guarantee.

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