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Professional Area Rug Cleaning Tips

How to Get The Most Out of Your Area Rug

We all want to maintain our rugs in a clean and new-looking condition with minimal or no damage. However, you may not know the right way to clean stains from your synthetic or natural rugs without damaging them. If you want to get the most out of your area rug, you can adopt the following approaches in cleaning them.

Use Vacuum Cleaner Appropriately

You should always vacuum your rug on a regular basis to prevent dirt from accumulating. By doing so, your home will be clean and free from allergy. In order to remove a high amount of dirt from your rug, you should turn it upside down to vacuum its lower section before vacuuming the upper surface. This approach tends to loosen the dirt attached on the top fibers. However, you should avoid cleaning the edges of your area rug using a vacuum to avoid getting worn out fringes and frayed edges. If you have a woolen area rug, use suction only as rotating brush tends to suck up some fibers from the area rug’s wool—ensure that you turn off the beater on the vacuum.

Protect Your Rug from Damage

When you are using a suction method, you must avoid cleaning your area rug using a high-powered vacuum as it will pull out threads at the back of your area rug, thus causing it to fuzz. What you should do is to adjust the head of your vacuum to the highest setting. You may also use the handheld attachment to your vacuum cleaner, which gives the best results.

 Natural Fiber

Always clean spills on your area rug promptly with blot method using a white cotton towel. In case of wet spills, you should lay your towel on the spill and apply weight on it. If your rug is made of wool or natural fibers, use lukewarm water to clean up the stains. Do not go in circles when blotting up a spot since it can damage the rug—rub in straight lines.

Moreover, you should note that rugs made of natural fibers are very vulnerable. Interestingly, pests feed on wool—your woolen rug can attract both adult and larvae moths. Therefore, if you find a challenge cleaning your rugs and need a professional cleaning, contact us as our IICRC-certified experts at Kiwi offer the best area rug green cleaning services that kill the pests and ensure that your area rug is as clean as new.

If you suspect that your rug is exposed to pest, you should check for sticky, lint-like type fuzzes under your rug. You should also check if there are missing fibers on your rug. If you may need any assistance on how to deal with moths and other natural rug-eating pests, Kiwi professionals are always at your service.

 Synthetic Fiber

On the other hand, if you have a synthetic area rug, you should use aerosol and sprays to clean grease and other tough stains. however, ensure that you read the label of the area rug cleaning product before using it to ensure that it is appropriate for your rug type, which will help you avoid damaging your area rug. If this is a challenge to you, we are always available to offer our advice and assistance.

Buy a Protective Rug Pad

Consider buying a rug pad. It will definitely extend your rug’s life as the rug pad will absorb the wear and tear that is caused by friction between your rug and the floor. The rug pad will also prevent your rug from moving, thereby preventing you from slipping on the rug. In addition, the pad offers extra cushion on hard surfaces of the floor.

Most of the rug pads have bumps or ridges that trap dirt particles which may otherwise become imbedded in your area rug. As a result, it a rug pad will make it easier for you to clean your area rug. It will also protect your carpet by preventing wet spills from reaching your carpet, which is placed beneath your area rug. These spills can stain or damage your carpet.

Having over 30 years of experience with a proven track record in carpet and rug cleaning services, Kiwi has grown to be a trusted brand as we have developed green carpet and area rug cleaning services to ensure that your carpets are cleaned perfectly without harming the environment. In addition, our experts are IICRC-certified; hence, be assured of the best professional area rug services. In case you need any help with your area rug, do not hesitate to contact us as we are always available to help.