How to Wax a Car Windshield

So I finally got around to waxing the car windshield after putting it off for months. My wipers were not working as well as I would have liked them to, so waxing the windshield seemed like a better option than replacing the wipers as I had car wax on hand. I don’t know about you, but a streaky windshield makes me want to lose my mind, that and cemented bug guts. Someone else I know doesn’t mind so much, but he doesn’t write a cleaning blog, but he does help run a cleaning company. Goo.

How to Wax a Car Windshield

  1. Thoroughly clean the windshield
    The bug goo can be particularly hard to get off so I used the generic window cleaner on hand along with a microfiber cloth. You want the surface to be as clean as possible as any dirt left on the windshield will get stuck under the coat of wax.
  2. Apply wax in a light coat
    Like in my cleaning hack for the stove, apply the wax in light coats (I used Turtle Wax). A heavy coat will be hard to buff off and be wasteful. Let the the wax dry to a haze  before removing.
  3. Remove the wax with a terry cloth
    If the wax layer if light enough, the wax should remove easily revealing the perfectly clear, water repellent surface.
  4. Apply more wax layers as needed
    To make sure the extra water repellence lasts, apply a total of 2-3 coats. Or if you are lazy like me, apply one and be very satisfied with your work.

Glass is porous so naturally to keep your windshield clearer during a rainstorm, it needs to be waxed. Often times when you go through a car wash, they have an option for a wax, which will also do the job. I also really like the RainX windshield wiper fluid for between washes and waxes.

I’m incredibly happy with the results, especially with the recent rain storms.

Happy Cleaning!