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How to remove old pet stains from my carpet and rugs?

Sometimes our carpets and rugs get pet stains that we don’t act quickly enough to remove. Getting old pet stains out of carpets and rugs can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of our useful tips and pet stain removal services, your carpets and rugs can look as good as new.

Use Water to Begin the Process

Blotting the stain with water will help loosen up the mess. While water won’t be able to get everything out, it does help move the process along more quickly.

Sprinkle the Stain with Baking Soda

Apply a liberal amount of baking soda to the stain then let it sit for a while. Baking soda will help absorb and kill the bacteria without using harsh chemicals. After the baking soda has set for a few hours, vacuum it up. At this point, the stain should be mostly gone, but if it isn’t, there are more steps you can take.

Use Vinegar

While vinegar won’t work for all carpets and rugs, it can help with difficult pet stains. Create a solution of three parts cold water and one part white vinegar, then spray the stain with the solution. Allow the solution to set for 30 minutes, then take a microfiber cloth to blot the stain until it’s dry. If at this point the stain is still there, KIWI is just one phone call away from completely removing the stain.

Professional Pet Stain Removal Services

At KIWI, we have over 33 years of experience removing even the most difficult of pet stains. Our pet stain removal services not only remove pet stains, but we will clean deep below the surface to make sure the stain is not only removed, but that we remove germs and bacteria that lie beneath. We also offer disinfecting services that will leave you with a happy and healthy home.

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