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How to get rid of a strong urine odor from the carpet?

Act Fast

To help avoid getting strong pet urine odors in your carpet, it’s wise to act fast. If the urine dries, it can stain the carpet and bacteria can form. The first step you can take at home is to dry the urine with paper towels, but even with quickly handling the wet urine, you want to make sure that the carpets are professionally cleaned. A professional carpet cleaning ensures that the urine is completely gone.

Apply a Pet Odor Remover

If the pet urine has settled into your carpet, applying a pet odor remover is necessary. Though it won’t completely get the pet urine odor out, it helps alleviate the strong smell. At KIWI, we offer our commercial grade pet odor remover spray that you can use at home yourself along with our professional carpet cleaning.

Use a Professional Pet Urine Odor Removal Service

The best way to make sure your carpet is completely rid of pet urine odors is to hire a professional pet urine odor removal carpet cleaning company. At KIWI, we have over 33 years of providing pet odor removal services as well as pet stain removal services. We will have your carpets clean and fresh in no time. We also offer our one-of-a-kind one-year carpet cleaning service that allows you to get your carpets cleaned all year long for just $4 a room.

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