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5 Things to Clean Before a Vacation

What to Clean Before Vacation

I am so excited to go on vacation next week, like really, really excited. I love traveling, seeing sights and escaping from the real world just for a little bit. But before I go on vacation, I clean the house to near perfection. Why? Because  afterwards I don’t want to do anything except relax and recover, so I clean before the vacation. When I haven’t cleaned before a trip, I feel stressed seeing piles needing attention when I get back. It’s nice having clean clothes to wear, a freshly made bed to sleep in and fluffy towels after a shower. After traveling, I dump my things in the laundry room, kick off my shoes and find a cozy spot on the couch.

5 Things to Clean Before a Vacation

Most of my vacations have ended on a late Sunday evenings and I don’t have time to prep everything for the new week, so I simply need clean before I leave.

  1. Clean the Bathroom: If you’re like me, one of the first things you do when you get home is use the bathroom. I am not particularly fond of using the bathrooms on the plane or gas stations along the interstate; ridiculously small spaces and bugs are not my thing. And I always feel super gross after traveling and want to shower to get all of the travel off. Therefore a clean bathroom is a nice, welcoming place to degrossify.
  2. Pick up the Living Room: After travelling I’m in no mood to put stuff away. I use the living room as a dumping ground to hold the luggage, souvenirs, purses, snacks and everything else until I feel like putting them away. It’s nice have a large clean space to unpack luggage and immediate start sorting piles of laundry. That and not stepping on a rouge Lego.
  3. Do the Dishes: After a diet of candy, soda, chips and fast food for a day, finding and using real dishes to eat real food  whatever is in the fridge is just plain nice. Even if it is just a bowl of cereal (the only reason airport food tastes good is because you’re tired and desperate). Also, food is harder to get off after it’s been sitting for a few days and it starts to stink.
  4. Do the Laundry: I like clean clothes before, during and especially after a trip. I pack just enough clothes for the trip so then I have a few outfits after so I don’t need to do laundry immediately to survive. Oh, and nothing is better than a freshly made bed with crisp sheets and clean, fluffy towels. ‘Nuf said.
  5. Clean the Bedroom: Help your mind settle after a trip with a clean room. Just looking at a freshly made bed is relaxing but sleeping in one is even better. I find it nice to not have to fight the path to my bed then throwing stuff off of it.

It maybe  a hassle to do theses things before but for me, it is necessary for my mental sanity. A clean home helps me to relax back into my regular routine and start the new week.

Happy Cleaning!


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What do you clean before a vacation?